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Who does the main character think the villain is?

Who does the main character think is the villian.Set 5

Set five: Who does your main character think is the villian? Face claim. Describe why the main character feels this way toward this person?


Eli really isn't aware that anyone would try to murder him. Matt and Bridget think differently as they gather around Eli, even if its at the local pub that Matt goes to every night.
Bridget thinks something has changed about Eli, after the sudden moment of when he rescues Bridget from being squashed when the Grand Piano fell from the sky. She can't quite shake the feeling that it was meant for Eli, instead of her. Naturally. Eli brushes it off as nothing.
"But didn't you say someone tried to kidnap you, when you were a kid?" Matt reminds him while they are having a beer at the pub. At least, he's managed to get Eli to have a lite beer with him and Bridget. Matt tries his best to make the occasion a date. He and Bridget even do a song together and do their best to coax Eli in to singing with them on stage. Naturally, he's reluctant. And for a moment they are happy to forget about the tragic accident. After all, they did go to the stranger's funeral.
Suddenly, Eli stops in his tracks, as if he's back to being old Eli who never shares anything with them.
"What's going on?" Bridget wants to know. They gather around Eli, as if he must tell them what he remembers.
" friend..who was kidnapped." Eli sputters. "His..his brother works here. He's my father's favorite." Eli winces as if he doesn't want to believe it, but its true. Bridget looks to Matt, wondering if someone wants Eli dead..

Ellie's Horror Film Challenge

Something Tragic Happens. Set 4

Set four: Something tragic happens, almost killing the main character. However, someone else has been murdered. Who is it? (face claim) Did the main character know this person? Explained what happened in description.
-main character face claim
Its another busy day. Actually, its getting dark but Eli is still at work in the mailroom. He is getting ready to leave, but his co-worker Matt stops him.

"Hey man, how about a beer and some chili fries?" Matt smiles. "We could even do some karioke afterwards, if you've got the time." He starts to put his hand on Eli's shoulder, but Eli looks at his hand as if he best not do that. He backs of way, with his satchel secured and heads out of the building.

"When's he ever gonna get over, after the last time we went out." Matt remarks. "I thought he liked me."

Eli is focused on finding his route home. He walks, but he doesn't get to far until he notices something falling from the tall building close to where he works, and he sees another co-worker who is Matt's best friend. Bridget. She's a strawberry blond in chunky heels and quite fashionable, even if she is too fashion forward in stripes and leopard print. He grabs her out of the way before a grand piano slams down on a person walking close to Bridget.

Both catch their breath. Bridget is frightened. Eli is startled, but he holds her tight for a moment as if he's someone else. Not timid Eli who is frightened of everything.

"What the hell just happened?" Bridget looks at him as if someone is out to murder her.

"Sorry." Eli barely manages.

"No." She winces. "Thank you." She holds on to him as he tries to let go. She says that was a freaky accident.  Eli nods.

"You, don't think anyone is out to hurt me?" She can't understand why they would. After all, she's practically girl Friday. "I barely get minim wage."

Eli only smiles, deciding, it was just a freak accident.

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Cast. Set 3

Eli: (Park Min Woo) Korean born but moved to New York City when he was small. His dad owns a well established fashion company. Although, Eli has never been part of the fashion industry. After a traumatic experience with his best friend being abducted, he's never quite recovered. Naturally, co-workers aren't quite sure what his problem is. Perhaps, he's smarter than he looks.

Bridget: (Holland Rowland) His accidental new friend who hopes to be a fashion designer one day, but is just an errand girl, for the most part.

Connor:(Jung Eui-Chul) His father's right hand man, but does he have a dark side too?

Dr. Jo-Hansen:(Danielle Panabaker) A doctor who Eli ends up seeing after a certain situation happens.

Jake: (Do Kyung-soo) Flashback friend who was abducted by men in suits. Did they abduct the wrong child?

Matt: (Matthew Daddario) Co-worker who might be more interested in Eli than he even knows.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

girls supporting girls

just a good friend of mine


Chances are, you may have a friend who's changing genders. One classmate, that I've always thought the coolest, especially, in her Goth days is now Eli. Its amazing how he made the changes so drastically and of course, it was easiy to follow his lead. I didn't see a trace of Kelsey, anymore. Although, I didn't really know it was coming. Still, I'm glad he made the changes he did. Granted, I don't see him everyday, but I do feel his lifestyle is fitting and we have remained friends.

I also have a co-worker who is trans and we've had to adjust to a new name. Emily. Perhaps, this was the hardest for me. 

I dunno how many times, I've been asked if Geoff was my husband. Finally, I shrugged and thought..oh, just my work husband. 

Still, I knew he wasn't happy in his relationship. I kept thinking if Geoff found a guy to date, he would be so much happier. But, that wasn't it at all.

No, the hormones have made Emily moody. She told us it would, in a meeting. As the months rolled  on in to a new season, so did the body changes happen. Then the dresses and the high heels. Honestly, Emily has a fantastic wardrobe. Even... if everything is pink.

But, I shall confess its the hardest to still think of Geoff as Emily. 

Maybe, I miss that guy. Although, we didn't get along when he was Geoff, and we don't always get along when she is now Emily. 

The truth is, friends are going to fuss. A day or two of silence. And then Emily will say, "Lets do lunch." Then I'm in. As always I do the driving. Emily loves to try new places.

Emily says her relationship is more solid than before. Although, I'm still not sure what Geoff's former girlfriend would say to that. Now they are roommates.

Its not always easy to support your friends, but you have to try. Listen. You never know, you might find out who they really are.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Day 5

Day 5: A World Where Sharks Swim In The Forest...And You/Your OC Is Lost In The Woods

Day 5 Writing Challenge

I thought for sure he'd know what to do, by the looks of him. However, Blackie was a city boy, through and through.

"You, were the one who wanted to go all this way... to the country." Blackie turned to me as if I'd really taken us off the beaten path this time.

"What were we going to do?" I looked back at him bug-eyed. "Haven't you listened to the news?"

Here we'd go again, fuss our way to Tenbucktoo, evidently. Yeah, everything Blackie and I did was an adventure.

We'd met during a brownout last summer. There had been a driveby and we'd watched it unfold while we were eating melting Popsicles on the street. Unfortunately, neither one of us were all that smart when it came to remembering anything.

A little weed, might have had something to do with it. But hey, some really terrible s h i t   was happening these days in the city.

"Juno, you were just making it up." Blackie shook his head. "It was only a tornado." At the moment it was clear skies and an open road. In fact, we weren't fighting traffic, after all these miles.

"ONLY A TORNADO!" I shot back. No way was I gonna share my MONSTER drink with Blackie now. "I told y o u  what I saw!"

"Well, I hadn't seen one since we left." He sighed as his knuckles shown white, steadying the stirring wheel in his faithful black jeep named Elsa.

"You, never know when it might happen." How many times did I need to go over this, with this man-boy of mine? "Its even on the Internet."

Naturally, Blackie didn't give it much thought. His dark hair whipped in the wind. Onward, we'd go to the BLACK HILLS. His Gramps lived out that way. After all, Blackie was born in Rapid City.

He claimed life was slower there.

"Ain't no way ...a SHARK would get us." He sighed, mostly talking to himself.

I didn't believe him. Not after all those hurricanes that whipped the East Coast and brought so much danger, wind and rain. Even to the heartland.

"Do we even know where we are?" At least it was sunny. I took a good look out of the window.

Of course, Blackie didn't answer me. Finally, he pulled over, in a wooded area.

"I need to pee." He shut off the engine and went to do his business.

Time was just so slow. Damn, he was gone an awful long time.

Finally, I got out to stretch my legs. It was a long ride from Omaha. Even my shoulders ached.

I did a little workout, wondering if he was doing a number two, too.

He wasn't anywhere in sight. so I walked back into the woods. Finally, I saw the back of him in the clearing.

Then, out of the corner of my eye...THERE IT WAS. In the sky. A SHARK.

I couldn't say a word. Where was E.T. when I needed him? Still, I couldn't even moan nor move.

"Huh?" Blackie finally looked over his shoulder.

I  pointed to the sky. Blackie looked up as he snapped pants.

"RUN!" He was coming toward me. In fact, Blackie grabbed me, as I watched a shark snap into an aimless Buffalo on the horizon.

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Day 2: Think Of A Book That Isn't Written The Way You Might Usually See, Straight Through. An Example Might Be Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham. Write In A Style You Might Usually Not, Any Way You've Ever Thought Of Trying Or Anyway You Have Found Interesting...

TOP.ART.SET-Day 2 Writing Challenge


I was thinking now, he might be a right nutter. Or was that me? Yeah, I'd gone off to the WestEnd, hoping for some miraculous results, I suppose. That's what you get when you chase a dream.

Ste has that kind of longing face. You know, where you can't wait to see what its really about.

Now I felt I knew too much. It was a bit of luck to catch the train back. Although, my stomach rumble now. Possibly, my insides churned. I guess I might not ever be the same again.

I didn't want to think of last night. The drinks. The cheers. Yeah, it was a boys club, all right. Not a bit romance, you know. Just WILD BOYS with the old literature professor at the helm.

I sat back on my seat, hardly remembering any of it. My head throbbed into the rhythm of the heart of the train, as it rolled along. It was like saying goodbye, but to what?

I pushed my head to the glass of the carriage window, watching the houses roll by. then out of nowhere it appeared to me. Like some clue of last night. The clump of clothing in the grass.

I winced hard. Was I even here then? What if I was?

I gritted with a wince, thinking of last night. How many pubs did we exactly do? I felt as if I'd been in a cheering squad then. Making the rounds. Boasting claims of splendor.

Truly, I didn't find what I was searching for.

My Ste was not my kind, after all. What I knew now, that I wished I'd known then.

Yeah, he's easy on the eyes, selfish and truly full of crap.

I sighed, thinking its just as well I dunno him. Yet, I thought I knew what I wanted.

If only this ache in me would subside.

Bur the lump of clothing on the ground comes back to me. As if I would know. I would have to know?

Only, I think I'll puke instead, hoping there isn't a line at the loo.


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day 4

Day 4: Write A Story Inspired By A Dream You've Had. (I've had this reacquiring dream for years.)

Day 4 Writing Challenge

We were never friends, but I could have fallen in a deep love, in a heartbeat. His smile was dazzling and he went to the University. He visited his aging parents on the weekends at a farm near my grandmother's house. Yes, Quinton was a charmer. Although, I never knew what he majored in.

And then one night, I awoke and he was at the screen door. Perhaps, it was early morning. My grandmother wasn't home. It was strange to see him there so early, but the sun illuminated his presences. His smile, not quite right.

I looked to see if the screen door was latched. It wasn't. Before I could shut the door, he was already in the livingroom. And the butcher knife flashed before him. He held it in his fist as if the knife was his friend, but I wasn't.

"I'm here to get you." His teeth shown, "Don't you want to play?"

 Maybe he was a vampire, but I didn't wait to find out, I ran, breathless toward the dining room. Somehow, the dinning room was much longer than I ever imagined. Yet, I was almost in his grasp.

I almost made it to the backdoor, but the knife came over me when he grabbed me from behind. He held the knife to my throat. "Isn't it fun?" He taunted, but I could hardly breathe, as I wondered how many minutes of my life were left. Finally, he put me down as if someone took over his body.

"I was only playing." He smiled with satisfaction, as if I better pay attention.

Next time, I thought for sure I'd been mistaken by his presence before. Although, his smile said it all. "I've come to take you out."

"What?" I was shocked. Still not sure to let him in. There was the fat butcher knife in his hand, as if he might have brought me a bouquet of flowers this time. from behind his back.. NOT. He brought it over my head this time.

I fought. Holding back the knife as much as I could in our passionate struggle. Still, the knife found my chest. I winced until I could think no more. It seemed my screams could never be heard.

Finally, he looked at me as if to wake me up from this tragedy. "Maybe, you'll do better in the future." Quinton looked doubtful as he let me go.

Naturally, I wasn't exactly ready for him, the next time. But there he was waiting for me. Only, not for long. My footing was better this time. I knew exactly where the butcher knife was kept in the kitchen.

Except, the drawer was stuck and when I did open it, the knives pricked my finger. Even in blood, I knew what I had to do.

Yes, it was I who had the knife this time.


Day 3: Unrequited Love. Write About The Emotions Felt And/Or The Aftermath. Does Not Have To Feature You.

Day 3 Writing Challenge

I was certain I'd faint in front of you. I almost did on the sidewalk near the old drug store. I was eating an apple, your head was in a book. Naturally, it was Harry Potter, and you were wearing your own Harry Potter attire. I smiled. You didn't notice. And then something happened. I practically fell in front of you, and you caught me.

Yes, it was so miraculous. You smiled. I'd never seen you smile before. Nor seen your beautiful fingers reach for me. I couldn't help but laugh.

"What's so funny?" Those intense eyes of yours still get to me.

"Nothing." I was closed mouth about it. I knew it would mean nothing to you.

Soon, we sat next to each other in class. Maybe a few knew I adored you. After all, it was me..who gave you all those treats. I was afraid your brain wouldn't work properly if you didn't have a sucker, here and there... waiting for you, at your locker. Yes, I even figured out the combination  and filled it with anonymous love notes.

I guess I was a stalker and didn't really know it.

But you laughed at my essay answers. You found it hilarious to read them aloud to the class. You also told me I couldn't spell, either. Only, it didn't matter. I'd made you smile. I'd made you laugh. That alone was a feeling of joy to great heights I'd never felt. While my other friends were thinking of dates at the movies with fellows they'd met online. A few of those guys were almost a decade older than you.

I didn't care. I'd rather think of you. I didn't care to go to a party or drive around town with guys who were already in college.

No, maybe you were my savior of sorts. Maybe, even a genie in a bottle. Yes, I thought of you every night when I went to sleep. What adventures would we go on tonight?

I heard you once, arguing with your younger brother. You even swore, which I couldn't believe. Devin would know such words?

And then..that one time, you were all alone in a closet by the science lab, going at it with words of thunder. I'd never know just who you were angry with.

Of course, I did get sidetracked back then. I accidentally, started seeing the blond afro-guy who would later be killed in a car-wreck.

I'm not sure it was actually a romance. He confessed his love, right away. I must have been dumb-founded.

Yes, I knew how he wanted to kill himself. I couldn't reject him. But you would never know this.

Still, it would have been good to know why someone so different would like me, and you didn't.

He said I was a good listener. And there I'd waited so long to listen to you.

When I look back now, I know I never really knew you. Maybe you were never quite as smart as I thought you were. Possibly, you were an idiot, after all.

Word Count: 513