Sunday, October 22, 2017

character tag - Boone Wilson

Character Tag - Boone (Nano 2017)

♠ Vital Stats ♠
Name : Boone Wilson
Nicknames : Boo
Birthday : Oct. 25
Place of Birth : Coleman, Texas
Star Sign : no idea
Occupation : Farm boy. Loner. Likes science. Likes to work on old cars and tractors. Loves animals. Loves the country life.

♠ Appearance ♠
Hair colour : dark brown, maybe black. 
Hair length : Long bangs, but still short hair.
Eye colour : dark brown
Best feature : His lips. they can be quite sad. He also has very understanding eyes. Looks younger than he is.
Braces : Nope
Piercings : Nope
Tattoos : Never
Righty or Lefty : Left

♠ Firsts ♠
Besty : June. He's known her before they started school together.
Award : A writing contest on raising chickens. Some future farmer of America awards and a science trophy.
Sport: Actually, a very good distant runner, but know one would really know of it.
Real Vacation : going to the science museums, anywhere.
Concert : None.

♠ Favorites ♠
Movie: Star Wars series
TV show : He can't remember the last TV show he's watched.
Color : Green
Song : Cars by Gary Newman
Restaurant : Dairy Kreme
Book : The Chocolate War
Magazine : Progressive Farmer
Shoes: Work boots.

♠ Currently ♠
Feeling : He should do more for June. & make his feelings known for her. 
Single or taken : Unrequited love for his one and only love, June.
Eating : burritos
Listening to : Farm animals. 
Thinking about : June, and why hasn't she been to school, lately.
Watching : a truck he wants to fix.
Wearing : Tee, plaid shirt over it, old jeans, workboots.

♠ Future ♠
Want kids : Only with June (a passel are a pack)
Want to be married : Only June 
Careers in mind : Working for NASSA
Where does he/she want to live? : Anywhere with June.

Monday, October 16, 2017

character tag - Dax

Character Tag - Dax (Nano 2017)

♠ Vital Stats ♠
Name : Dax Jamison
Nicknames : Axe
Birthday : Oct. 13th
Place of Birth : San Angelo, Texas
Star Sign : no idea
Occupation : Most popular guy in high school. But recently was in a car wreck. He was unharmed except for a brain injury. He's been in a coma for the last couple of months..and isn't sure who he is, anymore.

♠ Appearance ♠
Hair colour : dark brown, maybe black. 
Hair length : attractive haircut
Eye colour : dark brown
Best feature : everything is beautiful about him..yet his ears are a wee bit elfin
Braces : Nope
Piercings : Nope
Tattoos : Never
Righty or Lefty : both

♠ Firsts ♠
Besty : The whole football team, cheerleaders, even the class president of his very rural school
Award : Fastest runner in State, lots of football awards, he's done some bull riding as well.
Sport: You name it, he can do it. A born athlete
Real Vacation : going to the beach in Corpus 
Concert : He is suppose to only listen to country, but he secretly loves old punk like the Sex Pistols.

♠ Favorites ♠
Movie: Fast and the Furious series
TV show : Lost (he still wishes he could figure out this show that he tells everyone that he hates.)
Color : blue
Song : Going through changes - Black Sabbath
Restaurant : Cooper's BBQ
Book : Catcher in the Rye (shhh..don't tell anybody)
Magazine : Men's Health
Shoes: high tops, but he has a lots of cowboy boots too.

♠ Currently ♠
Feeling : Really lost 
Single or taken : Supposedly, he's taken, but he doesn't know her anymore and can't stand to be around his high school cheer-leading girlfriend.
Eating : protein bars
Listening to : the wind in the trees and the birds, etc. 
Thinking about : himself and if he likes the guy everyone tells him, he is.
Watching : things in a barn where he's hiding out.
Wearing : a gray tank and slim jeans along with high tops.

♠ Future ♠
Want kids : He doesn't know
Want to be married : He doesn't know 
Careers in mind : He doesn't know
Where does he/she want to live? : Not with his overbearing parents.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Augustine stuff

Augustine stuff (Nanowrimo 2017)

Name; Augustine
Birthday; August 10th
Disneyland or Disney world?; Seaworld is fine with me, but I don't really like working there.
Best friends: I'm deciding the best friend in the world to me is Joel.
Have any enemies; Ramone's wife. Possibly Ramone too.
Average grades; I could have been an A student..still that didn't get me very far.
Height; I'm on the taller side, but still not tall enough to be a model.
Eye color; light brown
Hair color; Anything but black. I hate having black hair.
Personality; I'm a thinker. I've learned to be a doer. I like having a job.
What are some of your goals; Find something I can do to support my son Joel..who is now more important to me than anyone else. There was a time I thought if I had a man in my life everything would be better.
Dogs or cats (or both); Dogs, but they can be so expensive.
Music type you like; I used to like anything at the I'm a mommie so I sing a lot of tunes like "The wheels on the bus go round and round..."
The beach or the pool; The pool. The beach scares me.
Have any pets?; no
Ever been bullied?; uh-huh.
Ever been a bully?; maybe
Do you feel loved; Only by Joel. I thought someone loved me in high school, but he was coward..he didn't want to acknowledge me and then came Ramone who made me learn to hate everything.
Have a crush?; I was just a pathetic fan girl then. I'm much wiser now. Hopefully.
Are your friends caring;? What friends?
Do you feel alone?; I've got my baby.
Favorite store?; Walmart
Ice cream or pizza; pizza
Favorite kind: thin crust
Ever had a tamale; yes
Ever had posole; no
Ever had biscochitos; no
Ever broken a bone; not yet
Do you like school?; I did until I found out how my friends really were.
Ever got an F on a paper, hw, etc? My last English paper was a bust, due to someone who kept making my life miserable. I shouldn't have let him get the best of me.
Ever had an F in a class?; That last class in English kept me from graduating.
Favorite movie; don't think about movies anymore.
How many states/provinces/cities/etc have you lived in; Just Texas
Favorite Disney character; Sleeping Beauty
Ever rode a train?; no
Do you like McDonalds?; I've worked there, before
Do you like Wendy's?; Just the dollar menu
Do you like burger king?; no, not especially
Do you have a middle name?; yes
Ever been to the beach?; no
Ever rode a plane?; no
How many nicknames do you have?; 1
Favorite TV show?; /Super Store
Favorite music artist(s);  Melanie Martinez
A food you hate; oatmeal
Ketchup or mustard?; ketchup
Do you like celery?; yeah
Something you hate; cloth diapers
Something you love; watching my boy look at me, knowing who I really am.
Your favorite nickname; Gus
Favorite colors; pink
Least favorite colors; orange

Saturday, October 7, 2017

June stuff

June  tag (nanowrimo 2017)

Name; June
Birthday; June 2nd
Disneyland or Disney world?; Disneyland..cause a kid got eaten up at Disneyworld by an alligator.
Best friends: a boy named Boone. He talks to me, even when we aren't at school.
Have any enemies; Probably every girl at school (but its a small school...extremely small...only seven in my class.)
Average grades; They could be better if I put in more effort and more time, but a C is OK with me.
Height; I'm on the shorter side
Eye color; light brown
Hair color; brownish black
Personality; I'm a little off-beat. Shy around most people, but I like to watch them and I don't mind being alone, most times.
What are some of your goals; graduate high school, find a life in the city, being away from a ranch..maybe seeing my mother in Mexico, even if I never learned the language properly.
Dogs or cats (or both); I love a good dog to walk with. I love a sweet cat to read books with.
Music type you like; Well, I found these old tapes that still work in a tape player. It said ELO. Really some good melodies to keep my troubles from getting to me.
The beach or the pool; I never went to the beach and I can't remember the last time I've been to a pool. The lake it pretty muddy.
Have any pets?; A dog named Roy
Ever been bullied?; uh-huh. almost got my nose broke in first grade.
Ever been a bully?; no
Do you feel loved; I guess my father loves me. Still I got to put up with a lot of  sh*t most girls would never have too, living alone on a ranch with my dad and an old fart who thinks women should stay uneducated.
Have a crush?; Unfortunately, yes. I keep writing lists of why I should not like him, but those eyes, his lips and everything else about him..gets to the end.
Are your friends caring;? Boone is the best, for the most part.
Do you feel alone?; Unfortunately...yes
Favorite store?; Dollar General
Ice cream or pizza; ice cream
Favorite kind: vanilla
Ever had a tamale; yes
Ever had posole; no
Ever had biscochitos; no
Ever broken a bone; just my collar bone when I was born.
Do you like school?; I miss it.
Ever got an F on a paper, hw, etc? More than I want to count. I am not always the best student.
Ever had an F in a class?; almost
Favorite movie; Step Up 2
How many states/provinces/cities/etc have you lived in; 1 (I think)
Favorite Disney character; Pocahantas
Ever rode a train?; no
Do you like McDonalds?; never been
Do you like Wendy's?; never been
Do you like burger king?; never been
Do you have a middle name?; I guess so, but I never use it.
Ever been to the beach?; no
Ever rode a plane?; no
How many nicknames do you have?; 1
Favorite TV show?; Andy Griffith
Favorite music artist(s);  ELO
A food you hate; a pig's head
Ketchup or mustard?; mustard
Do you like celery?; yeah
Something you hate; people say I won't be much good for anything.
Something you love; watching a certain someone eat in the lunchroom at school.
Your favorite nickname; Junie
Favorite colors; blue
Least favorite colors; green

Friday, October 6, 2017

Character Tag - Augustine

Character Tag - Augustine (Nano 2017)

♠ Vital Stats ♠
Name : Augustine Torres
Nicknames : Gus
Birthday : August 10th
Place of Birth : Probably Mexico, but her mother always said Corpus Christie, Texas
Star Sign : Leo
Occupation : odd jobs, but housekeeping in hotels and motels have kept her going. She works on a webtoon when she can.

♠ Appearance ♠
Hair colour : Not quite blond. Not quite red
Hair length : Almost to her shoulders, but she wears it up in a ponytail.
Eye colour : soft brown eyes hidden behind glasses..usually...
Best feature : Her figure is cute, although..she doesn't think she's sexy enough. 
Braces : Nope
Piercings : One on each ear.
Tattoos : None.
Righty or Lefty : Right

♠ Firsts ♠
Besty : She's not sure she's ever had a best friend. Maybe Austin, but he was her first crush.  Ramon is the love of her life, yet she might hate him, too. Since he wasn't completely honest with her.
Award : She won a grand prize ribbon in baking a German Chocolate Cake in high school.
Sport: basketball
Real Vacation : Would love to travel the world, but has never had the money nor the time.
Concert : She's worked many a concert while living in San Antonio and has seen the likes of Garth Brooks, Steve Miller, Tom Petty (to name a few).

♠ Favorites ♠
Movie: A Very Long Engagement (a French movie)
TV show : Riverdale
Color : gray (these days)
Song : Paper Love by Allie X
Restaurant : IHOP
Book : Filthy Beautiful Lies (book 1)
Magazine : People 
Shoes: Slip on Vans or something like them.

♠ Currently ♠
Feeling : Guilty. Overwhelmed with life. 
Single or taken : Single but she has a toddler.
Eating : fast food from Dairy Queen.
Listening to : Herself in the car while driving. 
Thinking about : How life would have been so much better if she was still with Austin.
Watching : The line on the road, drift in and out.
Wearing : a white tank under an open plaid shirt and cutoff jeans.

♠ Future ♠
Want kids : She has Ramon's son.
Want to be married : Possibly
Careers in mind : Anything where she can make lots of money.
Where does he/she want to live? : Somewhere..where she's loved.

Character tag - June

Character Tag - June (Nano 2017)

♠ Vital Stats ♠
Name : June Torres
Nicknames : Junie
Birthday : June 2
Place of Birth : on a ranch in Texas
Star Sign : no idea
Occupation : teenager/ranch hand's daughter

♠ Appearance ♠
Hair colour : dark brown, maybe black. 
Hair length : to her shoulders.
Eye colour : dark brown
Best feature : Eyes
Braces : Nope
Piercings : One on each ear.
Tattoos : None.
Righty or Lefty : Right

♠ Firsts ♠
Besty : Boone (wishes she had more friends, but is a little shy)
Award : none 
Sport: basketball, distant running
Real Vacation : None.
Concert : does going to a rodeo dance qualify?

♠ Favorites ♠
Movie: Disney's Pocahontas
TV show : Jeopardy 
Color : pink 
Song : Anything ELO 
Restaurant : Dairy Kreme
Book : That was then this is Now
Magazine : TEEN 
Shoes: The dusty old cowboy boots her sister left behind 

♠ Currently ♠
Feeling : Sensing she's really alone. 
Single or taken : Single
Eating : burritos
Listening to : Cars in the distance. Coyotes. 
Thinking about : Dax her crush.
Watching : The afternoon turn to night
Wearing : a summer dress she made from a denim shirt.

♠ Future ♠
Want kids : Not sure.
Want to be married : Not sure 
Careers in mind : She'd would be happy working at the grocery store. She'd like to be anywhere but here.
Where does he/she want to live? : Anywhere but here.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Cast

the cast - NanoWriMo 2017

June: Only 17 but most don't think she's a day over 14. She's lived most of her life in the shadows of Boss Wright's ranch. In fact, she was born there. Her dad says she was born in the barn. She hasn't quite completed her high school education due, to dire circumstances on the ranch. June is certain she might never get off the property. She feels stranded in the outback of west Texas.

Boone: Is June's closest neighbor and friend. He lives just over a rocky hill, but its infested with rattlesnakes, so usually he comes to see her, ever so often. He's worried about her, wondering why she isn't in school. He feels certain he needs to save June from something, but he's not sure what.

Augustine: June's older sister who never liked living in the country, anyway. She ran away from home and June hasn't heard much from her. She thought she was destined to marry Ramon in San Antonio..but it didn't quite work out that way.

Joel: Augustine's mysterious baby. June has heard from her sister from time to time, but she never mentioned she was having a baby.

Ramon: Someone Augustine met at a Country and Western Disco. He is a carpenter by trade, but has gone to the oil fields of Wyoming.

Dax: June can hardly talk in his presence. He's a poor little rich boy who has everything going for him. June knows she will never be in his circle of friends, but from afar he's her unrequited love. Sometimes, she thinks the more she gets to know him..she just might hate him.

Austin: Boss Wright's grandson. An acquaintance of Augustine's. A romance in the making, but it was never quite right.

Maria: Ramon's wife that he neglected to tell Augustine about.

Boss Wright: The owner of the ranch where June lives. He's old. He can be mean. Maybe even crazy.

Javie: June's dad who has been working for Boss Wright for a very long time.

NanoWriMo 2017

Here we go-NaNoWriMo 2017

So tentatively I have decided on a title for my November novel. I doesn't sound very promising....but my two main characters are June (the younger sister) and Augustine (the older sister)...and how they come back into each other's lives after so many years (well, at least a few). Augustine left home before she graduated high school while June feels misplaced on a ranch where her dad was the ranch hand.

Yes, its a Tex-Mex story with a lot of mystery, some horror and what else..a bit of romance. I'm not sure it has a real genre, but I am liking the cast already an well..I hope I can just get on with the novel...

Saturday, August 26, 2017

a girl named Mandy

Small-Town USA : Mandy

It was only August, but Mandy was certain she better start making those beanies now, or she would have nothing to give her co-workers (down at the grocery store) nothing for Christmas.

She looked through her balls and skeins of yarn. She'd always loved to crochet, even if she didn't do it all that well. She was certain the beanies would not be right. There had always been something a little off with her. It was something she knew from her earliest memory of school.

Mandy was a wall-flower. A small little thing from the get go. Even in the womb, they hadn't counted on her to be much more that an a munchkin. Her birth-weight was low and she was tiny.

She was still tiny with a tiny voice which rarely spoke.

If she thought about it much, she would find herself in tears. And maybe she'd been selfish to take up with Zac.

Yes, it was the strangest thing.

She couldn't say it was a romance. Because, most days she was invisible to him..and then she wasn't.

Some might say it was a tragic thing.

Now, she sucked in a breath and hurried to turn the skeins of bright colors that laid on her bed into balls of yarn she could organize for her beanies.

Yes, she'd become a little factory and get right on her long Christmas list of beanies. She would give one to the homeless guy who hung out near the grocery store. She would remember to make two for the woman who was pregnant with the baby boy.

Maybe, she would make crochet bowls. She smiled, almost, thinking how she'd made one for the new girl at work, on her birthday. Cali had worn it on her head, like a hat. She was so proud of it.

Yes, maybe she did have one follower. Mandy had tried to tell her it was something she could put her hair ribbons in, or her makeup..but Cali still wore it has a hat.

Now Cali was off to the University, a place Mandy longed to be, but her grades weren't quite good enough.

No, she was never good enough..

She would never be good enough for Zac.

Maybe that was why she was closed mouth about their excursions. She would wait..until the next time he needed her.

Even so, it was like being with a lion in a cage. No where to go.

If she were a survivor, she would never admit to it.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Zac & Lila


What's the best way to forget someone? Work. Nonstop. Yeah, that doesn't mean you're having a good old time getting cheers from the old timers and tips, right and left. Not at that old roadhouse.

Lots of lifting. Cases of beer, pop..even ice.

Was it already the 4th?

I didn't have time to think what Zac might be up, too. Wasn't like we roamed in each other's circles.

I really didn't have the cash to grocery shop. Yeah, I ate what scraps that didn't look too disgusting. Nothing worse than swallowing a dead cigarette someone left in a Jack and Coke. Gotta watch out for those cigarettes.

So there I was, all by my lonesome with a bunch of old farts, looking at me, as if was cheap entertainment.

Really, the roadhouse could use some decent help. I'd cleaned up one, too many tables. My arms were tired, and the sweat that trickled down my neck had turned cold.

"Hey." I thought I heard from behind me. If that kid Zac had found me, I was going to be so pissed. I gritted hard, thinking I'd punch him in the face.

But when I turned, it wasn't him.

"When do you ...get off?" His words left me with a big question mark. All I could do was stare into his face.

I shook my head, no. I couldn't get mixed up with Gil, again. I'd only done that little errand for Dara. And look where it got me? With the likes of Zac. Who I was doubting every second I actually did anything with him, other than sleep.

I went to put the tray of dirty dishes away. It was dark in the roadhouse, but the lights of reality were on, in the kitchen. It was humid and nasty, but he followed me.

"What do you want?" I drew a frown as I looked him over. This wasn't a place for him. But then again, looks were always deceiving.

"I've been thinking about you." He was even lipped. His dark eyes got to me, thinking he was the most sincere person I'd seen in a long time. But then again, maybe I needed sleep.

"Why?" I finally managed, but a laugh came over me. "What do you want?"

"Let me buy you, dinner."

"Seriously?" Maybe I was drunk on laughter. But even my shoulder blades ached. I really needed to take a load off. I looked down at my scuffed boots. I yawned. No way, could I stay awake for anything. I looked back at the dark room. Twangy country tunes went on as if the party just started.

"I dunno." I really didn't have a reason to be hanging around this late. "Sure." I gave in, or maybe he heard my stomach growling.