Friday, April 26, 2019

Ying & Yu

Ying & Yu never got enough time in the Chinese drama Whirlwind girl 2. Although, I love both of these actors and would love to see them in their own drama!

Yu finally adjusted to his new surroundings in New York City. Yes, he was far from that little village in China where everyone learned martial arts. Not that he was bad at the sport, it was just he got overlooked because he was so tall and he had another purpose. In search of his first LOVE.

Oh yeah, he'd found her and she was a firecracker of a friend, but just not his friend. He watched it all from afar. He'd been attentive while he was at the hall, but there was so much more to life than Yuan Wu Dao, especially when one wasn't a champion. As it was, he knew Ying would move on one day, maybe find her own dream. But she was distant and he decided to let her go, after all...even his heart he was certain she was the only one.

Since then, he'd grown taller, got a haircut and was doing pretty good as an apprentice at a sushi shop. He also did some modeling on the side. Still, it was lonely, but he was used to being alone in this big old cold city.

He'd gotten another gig again at the fashion hub. At least, they kept asking him back. Maybe he would learn some skills there too. But it was slow and he didn't look exactly like the boy next door type. But one of the designers found him refreshing and always wanted him to sport her latest suits and casual wear.

While he was on his way out he caught eye of someone, but he didn't make much of it. Or at least, he told himself this while he was prepping shrimp and other stuffings where he worked. Naturally, he got mad at himself that he didn't get a closer look at the girl. She didn't look to be in her twenties, but maybe she was.

Yu found himself at a low point, even with money in the bank and roof over his head at the boarding house. He had to speak English now. He felt he was leaving a part of himself behind. Yes, there were a few at work who spoke his native tongue, but even then it didn't feel like home.

So there he was in the park on a beautiful fall day walking around, thinking he should be happy and then he saw her. It was Ying.

"YOU!" He pointed. "IT'S YOU!" He yelled in Chinese. Naturally, she got up in her down to earth jeans and came toward him.

Immediately, she gave him the eye.

"What are you doing here?" She'd been here in the city for only three weeks. "Did you follow me? Have you been my shadow? All this time!"

Yu's eyes only bulged a bit. He shook his head no. "I've been here over a year."

She rolled her eyes at that.

"I'm a fashion designer." She hugged herself hard as if she had no time to chit-chat with him.

"Oh really?" He tilted his head, knowing she was full of white lies. Always had been. Always would.

"I'm going to be one." She was straight lipped as she looked up at him as if she never lied to him.

"That's great." He smiled, but he could tell she wanted him to say something more. Something just about her. She always said she didn't like how he was around her. She couldn't stand it. Usually, this ended up with a kick in the knee or someplace even more personal.

Now she was grabbing him by the arm.

"Buy me something good to eat," Ying said.

"Why?" He didn't want to swoon just yet, but he was a happy boy.

"I dunno. I need a drink."

"A drink? Like what?" Yu was shocked.

 She pulled him along. She knew where to go and he let her lead the way.

Ten minutes later they were back at the park with a stash of fruity pop wine. He should have expected it. In no time, she was telling him her life story, how her folks thought she needed to study abroad since she'd wasted so much of her life at the local martial arts hall. Her parents expected her to work just as hard as they did, someday.

"Why would I want to take over my mom's restaurant or her store?" Her voice slurred as she took another sip of the fluid cheap wine. Perhaps, she looked a bit sad about it, being on her own. "Who knows, I might never go back."

Yu just nodded thinking he didn't remember this side of Ying.

"I had high hopes I'd find my idol, but he never came." She shook her head. She looked at him then. "What was I thinking?" She talked of her old friend Hu, but it had been a love-hate relationship. "He was never my boyfriend."

It was true, Yu was the only one who truly ever noticed her. "And I couldn't stand it." She was bitter now as she drank more.

"Let's eat something." Yu did his best to be bright and not mention the past. He supposed he'd been an arse of some kind. He knew he was a dreamer and he knew he'd always wanted to be with her. After all, she was still the cutest thing he'd ever seen. Now he felt sad for her. Yet, he found it hard to breathe. Maybe he was a little nervous around her.

But she didn't want to eat. In fact, she wanted to go back to his place.

"My place?" He wasn't going to say no to that.

So they went up the fire escape so the old lady downstairs wouldn't know.

"Be very quiet." He pressed his forefinger on her lips and she laughed. He knew even then it was a bad idea. But he'd take his chances. After all, she was clinging to him like lovers do in those epic Chinese dramas.

Actually, it was a bit of a dance to get down the back hallway and to his room. He thought for sure he would lose his key, but she took it and opened the door with such precision. Yu was beginning to think she might be a professional of some kind. He wasn't sure what profession.

As soon as they got to his room and the lamp barely on, they never made it to the bed. Instead, the floor became much more relaxing. He did his best to be quiet since she kept telling him to be quiet. Although, she giggled a bit when her lips met his, and it was as if she vibrated through his being. Certainly, the best sensation that had ever happened to him.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Kiki & Chan

From Whirlwind Girl 2 Bao & Chang An
Others called her that Chinese name Qi Bao Cao but that was a mouthful for Chan and he still kept it a secret that he was a true Korean at heart.

Yes, he'd spent much of his life in servitude at the halls. He couldn't remember when he wasn't calling the drills and even the shots when it came to martial arts but did they really have to talk about that now. After all, he'd gotten this little bird all the way to Japan. She needed a coach. He needed to get out of the states before the FBI or the CSI or whatever they were calling themselves these days caught him. In spite of his wounded knee, he could be a deadly weapon.

He wouldn't dwell on the fact that he needed a vacation. There were plenty of things not proper about himself and yet he wasn't sure he'd ever had fun and he was beginning to see Bao didn't know fun, either.

She'd gone off the deep end about that stupid strawberry hairpin. In fact, he'd almost got himself crushed just looking for the thing on the street. He held the fake one in his hand, realizing he might not be the devil, after all, it was that guy she always had on her mind.

He flipped the pin in the trash there in the hotel room.  It was best not to get into another argument. He didn't want to be that way with her. He didn't see her as a little sister anymore.

"How old are you, again?" He squinted. She never really answered while she tucked the real strawberry hairpin in a safe place as if she would never look at it again.

He thought he heard her say twenty-something, but it might as well have been broken English to him. Chinese wasn't that hard to comprehend, but he still didn't always know what was being said.

Chan scratched the back of his head in thought while Kiki apologized once more about losing the match to her Korean archnemesis who still looked like a middle schooler.

"I want you to stop doing that." He looked at her blankly. Maybe he was just tired of her being so pure. He wanted to shake some sense into her, but he didn't want to harm her either so he turned from her.

He expected her to say "What?" as if she were some dim-witted school girl who only had eyes for one idol, but instead, he felt her warmth press against his back as her arms came around his waist and she interlocked her fingers that he couldn't help but watch.

For a moment he felt totally relaxed, but he knew it must be wrong. After all, he'd spent a few nights with her. Maybe they were in separate rooms, but he knew he wanted her.

And then he heard her sobbing.

Honestly, he didn't know how to console her, but to let her be. He guessed. He knew he'd been cold to her and he expected Ting Hao the flower boy to show up any moment and take her away in a limo. Everybody loved Kiki.

Now he started to laugh ever so softly.

This was really silly, he told himself, but she held on sobbing as if he might have been the teddy bear she'd been needing since her previous coach's departure. Finally, he pulled her fingers away and turned to her.

"You're too much. Just..I dunno too much for me to handle." Maybe he should quit while he was ahead, but he was brushing her tears away with his fingertips. Even when she cried..she was pretty. He let out a slight sigh.

But she put her arms around him and before he knew it she was laying on him, trying to catch her breath. Naturally, his old knee injury pinched a nerve and Chan winced hard. Maybe he was too old to be her lover. Still, he'd never been kissed and he never knew how to talk to girls. But he was full of envy mixed in with anxieties of his miserable youth.

"You're thinking about HIM, aren't you?" He tried his best to raise up on his elbows, but her head was on his chest. It was struggling.

Kiki shook her head, no. She told him she hated that she hadn't thought of him more. She was going to think about the present, not the past.

Chan wanted to believe her. He needed to believe her. If he did, he was sure his heart would warm up and he'd be a changed man, not a cold-blooded assassin who needed a little R & R.

He smiled at her thinking of how he wanted to make her a killing machine. Oh, he still wanted too. But first, he wanted to kiss her. These were things they only did in America, but he hadn't been able to do that either. It was either training or on the run.

Chan remained still, she would have to make the first move.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

you know, I can't do a thing

I was possibly my most enchanting when I was six. Blonde and with big blue eyes. Naturally, I wasn't the smartest tool in the shed. Even then I could easily fall in love. And I thought I did with a smart-mouthed third grader named Billy.

I was fascinated by the way he combed his hair and that lopsided grin. He was so cool on a bicycle. Of course, being in the very rural countryside of Texas, I knew very little about those kind of vehicles. Besides, I was rather tiny. Most folks thought I was three, but Billy didn't.

I was happy being a part of his adventures, which was riding around on his bike with him. Yes, even then I knew this was what I thought bliss must be. And we were the best of friends. Later, we spent time together. Our parents were close. There were plenty of family gatherings.

It was at one of those fun suppers in the back of the gas station where his parents lived that we kissed behind the sofa on a cot. I didn't think much of it. We were playing around and I fell into him and it happened.

Those were the hit and misses of my life and times of the first grade. But that spring, he took my hand on the playground and lead me to the secluded place behind the gym, and he kissed me. It was slow and impressive, one that was a certain treasure I must not tell anyone about.

Before I knew it, I felt I was being blackmailed. If I didn't do this with him or that with him, he would surely tell my mother that I had let him kiss me. As if it were all my doing. We weren't exactly friends anymore. And I felt I had to do everything with him. As if I were under his thumb.

The anxieties loomed. I didn't know what to do.

Then out of the blue, a word came. I really didn't know the meaning of it, but I thought it was such an unusual word. I wanted to use it, only I wasn't sure how.

One day his mom asked me how things were going with him, there at their little store of candy and snacks.

"Oh, you know, he's a little queer," I smiled. And suddenly, I had the upper hand. He wouldn't have a thing to do with me after finding out about this conversation.