Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Tea Tag prt. 2

green tea: where do you feel most at peace?
-The livingroom.

bubble tea: what ride would you pick at an amusement park?
-The faster the better.

mug: when/where do you normally drink tea?
-My room. In bed.

chai: what do you order at starbucks?
-I've never ordered anything there.

oolong: what are you hoping to be doing in ten years?

herbal: post a selfie
-Haha ummm how about no

coffee: surprise coffee ask! how do you take your coffee?
-I LOVE coffee. With CREAM..but usually with skim milk.

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Tea Tag prt. 1

earl grey: how do you take your tea?
-I love a little whiskey and lemon in mind when I am coming down with a cold.

lady grey: favorite outfit?
-My favourite outfit is anything I can lounge in.

irish breakfast: what country do you want to visit?

chamomile: comfort movie?

peppermint: what's your favorite holiday and why?
-Christmas ..its winter and a giving time of year.

milk: do you have any allergies?

sugar: tell me about your first crush
-OMG. Golden skinned with such a dazzling smile. Very quiet. His mum told me he could fit in a shoe box when he was born. When we finally dated, he was so not what I expected..thus the crush ended!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Pink Suda Love!

There's something that he tells me, not to expect the usual date. Like a cool mesmerizing disco tune, he turns me on and lets me think of a pink world where everything is beautifully genuine and oh so pretty. Though, it might be sickly sweet to some...its got its own place in my happiness. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

in the depth of summer

Why is work so demanding? I feel certain my days are numbered. I feel like no one wants to do anything and its tossed to me to fix. I'm sure many feel to be in the same boat. Its so overwhelming, and I hate for it to keep me up tonight. Still, I need to work so I must endure, somehow.

Still, I have to wonder if someone has it out for me. Things I have taken care of and told what to do, just to find that I'm back to square one and what I thought was done, hasn't even been touched.

Oh, I would hate to go insane, but sometimes, its much ado about nothing. Still, in the end, I feel certain there is JOY someone must be thinking, to see trouble brewing for me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

summer gets to me

I used to have such great expectations of summer. The places I would go. What I would wear. Who I would be with. Now, its just a loner's view of why had  I spent so much money on that outfit. Yeah, its tiresome and when I am out, I wish I was home sipping on my own homebrew of iced tea. I even find the farmer's market stifling.

Still, I keep busy. Although, I'm certain I should be doing more decluttering instead of creative endeavors. Yet, I can't help myself.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

it's a mix!

I found an old mix and it was like finding a treasure when I found Interpol's Next Exit!

next exit - interpol

evil - the modern savage

Obstacle 1 - the killers

next exit - Princess Chelsea

Stella was a diver - interpol

Disorder - Joy Division

Happy House - Siouxsie and the Banshees

She's in Parties - Bauhaus

The killing moon - Echo and the Bunnymen

Under the milky way - the church

voices carry - 'til Tuesday

Lief Erikson - Lotte Kestner

next exit - Cellar Lily

enjoy the silence - Lotte Kestner

Somebody that I used to know - Lotte Kestner

Monday, June 4, 2018

Adventures in cooking

I burned my stomach when I was making potato salad. Now you're asking yourself, "How could that have happened?"

Hot water. Yes, I'm pretty clumsy in the kitchen.

 I was trying my best to make do with what we have since someone was fired. The boyfriend did go back to the beer company for a while but didn't like having to go to places in the wee hours of the morning and in fear of shooting, knifings and all sorts of dark things that happen in the dark in certain places in town. Of course, that could happen a few blocks from here, these days.

Hopefully, the pizza place will work out for him. I was listening to a friend just yesterday, suggest that he apply to get heating and air-conditioned certified. That will be something to think about. Maybe he will go for it.

All this time, I was so sure he'd be an electrician by now. But I guess he thought he might hurt himself to learn that skill, after all.

it's a mix

I made a friend a mix for his birthday. Lola Marsh

she's a rainbow

you're mine

wishing girl

morning bells

remember roses

black heart

days to come

city of stars