Friday, August 19, 2016

Writing challenge

Day 1: A Magic Room And Your OC. Think About: What Is The Room? What Kind Of Person Is Your Character? What Is In The Room/What Does The Room Do?


Avi always liked the old church, only he wasn't Catholic. In fact, he wasn't sure he was religious, at all. Still the old place was like a magnet. He'd discovered it while out on a bike ride.

True, it was trashed and much of the statues were coated with earthy residue, but it felt like home. Although, he didn't spend much time in the sanctuary. No, the heart of the place was the attic which wasn't all that noticeable from the inside. In fact, it took quite a few trips to discover the haven.

He'd slipped into the old place when he'd failed the test his mom was certain would change his life. No way, would he ever be the student she wanted him to be.

Instead, he felt a calm refuge here. Yes, he could sleep with such calmness in the old attic, full of ancient books.

Of course, he didn't disturb them, at first. He was certain he could make a home here, if given the chance.

But there was work at the little grocery store and deliveries to make with the newspapers.

Avi was certain he might be the oldest newspaper boy in town. Awkward and ordinary. It was amazing he existed at all. There was nothing clever about him. Perhaps, it was his own doing.

Still, he'd found the attic, his home away from home. It was as if it was calling his name. Dank, dark and such a mystery, like an archaic library.

Clearly, he didn't know why he came, everyday. Perhaps to sleep. To be alone, away from a nagging mother who wanted more than he could offer.

And then one day, he awoke, noticing the glowing book in the dust.

Anyone, would tell him he'd surly die here in the old moldy place. But it was clear to him, he could see his name on the book.

When he opened it, the first page read in huge letters I'VE BEEN WATCHING YOU.

This thrilled and frightened Avi, at the same time. What could it mean? Should he run or should he stay?

Before he could ponder much about it, through the cracks of the shelves of timeworn books, something shimmered, maybe slivered. And then she appeared to him, so golden with majestic wings.

"Where are you going, Avi?" She said.

As much as Avi wanted to look away, he couldn't. She was mesmerizing.

"Don't leave me now." Her voice was sweet and haunting, but did he dare trust it?

Oh, she might as well have been an amber, waiting to light his heart. His soul ached for adventure. Avi knew he'd found it, and she existed in the walls of this old church.

word count: 450

Thursday, August 18, 2016

round 5

GRACE'S CONTEST//Round 5//Ellie


GRACE'S CONTEST//Round 5//Ellie

DATE: 8-11-16
WRITING: Fiction // Short

|| bohemian girl ||

I don't think I ever knew them. They gave me a name. That was about the extent of it, and the rein of the garden.

Yes, when I was younger the invisible friends would come for a tea-party, perhaps. Sometimes, they would stay the night and tell me of places I had not been.

I know they were only stories now, in my head. But... it was never a lonely place.

Oh, if I'd met a prince..I doubt my problems would be over. As it was... the years wore on. The fights. The fires. No water. No food. Yet the stars prevailed long after the garden died.

And the old Indian found me. In another life he was younger. Now he was older. Probably not wiser. If I hadn't won that game around the campfire, he'd probably sold me to the Frenchman.

Can't say I'm lucky. Maybe all the secrets are still in the garden. How did I not know? Life was so good then.


[ Extra Credit Round 5 ]

•Color theme: Your favorite color!
{yes, I like blue and browns and earthy colors, as well as pink}

•Scenes from writing in set: (like, if your writing describes the ocean have a picture of the ocean in the set)

•Fillers: A cactus, a waffle, pearl earrings, a lace bralette, paint.

•Hashtag in set: ( #contestbyGrace ) (The hashtag must be in the actual set, not the description. Otherwise you will receive no points.)

•Photos: A painting by Vincent Van Gough, a bridge, a shirt collar, a greenhouse, a campfire.

Live Well

To everything...turn..turn..turn..

Recently, I was talking to a teacher friend about how she gets organized before the fall. Of course, she has to get ready earlier than most. Still, a lot of us are getting ready for school. It might be time for lots of new things. Even a lunch box.

She says she does lot projects around her apartment. For starters. Its good to think ahead before its sweater weather. Time to go through those closets.

My other friend takes many of her nicer items (she doesn't want to wear anymore) to a consignment shop. Remember, to find out their rules if you want to sale your clothes.

Of course, some of us.. are out bargain hunting. Every year, I start my hunt for the perfect cardigan. Usually, its thrifted. I look for clothes I feel most comfortable in, around the apartment. Some years, are better than others, for this hunt.

Recently, I found an item that has been on my list for ages, a scarf that will take me through fall into winter. Also, I use it for a pattern. I like to crochet for the most part, and it makes a great visual to work from. I found a gigantic knitted scarf on clearance at FOREVER21. It was a nice surprise. I wasn't even looking for one.

Seriously, its this time of year to make sure to get those annual things done. All sorts of check-ups, from your health to your car. Its good to think ahead.

I live in the mid-west and sometimes, fall feels more like an Indian summer, don't want to be caught in a freaky blizzard. So I try to have new windshield wipers and carry a blanket and a flashlight in the trunk.

So its never too late to make those lists, de-clutter and make life easier for when those changes do happen.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

First Love

@gracefullyfalling ~ #contestbyGrace
DATE: 7 - 21 - 16
ROUND: four
WRITING: fiction short

|| First Love ||

We would never be friends. It was the first thing he said on my arrival at the farm, so many summers ago. In fact, he locked the screen door so I couldn't get in. Then I did the same, when I had a chance. We were two cousins never wanting to know, exactly how we got there.

Chance let it slip. Yes, it was a threat by the waterfall. He said he'd drown me, like his father drowned his mother. Dunno, if that's true or not, but it kept me on my toes. That was the summer I thought Chance was the meanest boy I ever met.

Still, we made ice cream soup, even tried the dog's food, which we claimed tasted like toast. Sometimes, we got hungry when all there was to eat, but turnip greens and cornbread. Yet, we survive. Sun beating down. Oh, could we sweat, carrying those rocks to the edge of the field.

And then, we got it in our heads, we could work together. We could find our own forest. Make our own fort.

He was a pirate, I was not quite his princess. Still, I was his partner in summer. Especially, on stage, in the woods. Our stories came alive. We were actors, following each other's lead. We were each others stars.

And I loved him then. And I love him now.

Those days are long gone. I moved to the city. The farm got sold. But no matter where I go, I know there is only one love so brilliant and divine. It has nothing to do with kisses, yet vibrant and alive. First LOVE.


[ Extra Credit Round 4 ]

•Color theme: Forest Colors (green, brown, ect.) {yes}

•Scenes from writing in set: (like, if your writing describes the ocean have a picture of the ocean in the set) {yes}

•Fillers: Lavender, tickets, hairspray, toast/bread, poetry book. {5/5}

•Hashtag in set: ( #contestbyGrace ) (The hashtag must be in the actual set, not the description. Otherwise you will receive no points.) {yes}

•Photos: A waterfall, a field, the sky, an old truck, a tent. {5/5}

-Ellie @elliewriter

Monday, August 8, 2016

Connor meets Jess

Connor Meets Jess

Connor could hear the roar of the wheel on the pavement, already. But where was it coming from? He went in to the COME & GO to get out of the hot humid night air. It was as if he'd walked into a meet locker.

Of course, now he didn't know what he wanted, but he walked down to the drinks selections and let his eyes wonder.

It had been a rotten summer.

1. He'd lost his girl Bree to some nerdy boy with curls.
2. Nothing seemed to satisfy him, lately. Maybe that was why he was a lone dog that walked the streets at night.
3. His parents still didn't know he existed. They were mega-financial woes, over his brother's trial.
4. Some things didn't change.

And then, he heard the slight alarm of someone coming into to the convenient store. It was a girl with her long board.

He didn't know how she could handle a huge skateboard, since she was so lanky yet small.

He sighed and almost smiled. It was like watching the circus come to town. She couldn't be from around here.

Suddenly, she was next to him reaching for a tall MONSTER drink.

"What?" Her dark eyes practically cornered him. Connor could barely breathe. After all, there was something about her natural beauty.

"Nothing." Connor barely croaked.

"You look sad." She told him.

Connor remained mute. Maybe he was. Suddenly, he decided to reach for a MONSTER drink too. She smiled.

Before he knew it, she was shaking his hand and telling him, her name was Jess.

"Uh," Connor cleared his throat. "Um..I'm Connor."

"Uh-huh." She was drinking the drink before they got to the counter.

Connor guessed, the least he could do, was to pay for her drink. He sighed as he watched her leave. He hesitated, but finally followed.

"Thanks." She said before she inhaled most of the drink.

Connor nodded. He couldn't drink that fast. The drink was so tangy, but god awful sweet.

"Want to go to a party?" She said after she crunched the can with her bare hand and tossed it the recycling bin.

"A party?" He looked at the long board she was holding.

"Um, I kind of need a ride. I guess." Her smile was open.

"Oh really?" He looked at her, wishing he was done with the drink, but he took another sip.

"Yeah, give my baby a rest." She shrugged.

"Oh." He guessed she meant the skateboard. Connor scratched the back of his head, thinking he really should think this through.

"Where?" He wanted to know.

She pressed a smile. "There's this show, at an old factory, down by the river."

Before he could let her know the true geek he was, who never took dare. "Let's go." He shrugged as if the sweet poison he'd just drank had turned him into a prince of coolness.

She smiled more, and he knew he was right where he wanted to be.

At first, he was certain he couldn't find the place. Soon enough, on the graveled road, they could hear the music's beat pulse in the dark of night.

Yeap, it was a party alright. What wasn't tore up in the abandoned building already, a few had taken to the canvass with spray cans. There was a whole lot of art going on. Connor had never seen anything, quite like it.

And there was dancing. Jess pulled him as he watched her hips sway. There was something tantalizing about her. For once, Connor wished he knew her spirit. He needed that life pulsing through him.

Yes, she was living. Something he was neglecting to do..until now.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Josie meets Josie

Josie Meets Josie

"Josie!" The sales clerk noted. Immediately, Josie bumped shoulder to shoulder with a girl who wasn't much bigger than her. Only, she was fit and definitely had the strength that Josie lacked.

"Oh, sorry," she said, as she looked Josie over. "Is your name Josie, too?"

"Yeah," Josie smiled.

The clerk then told Josie, they didn't have the boot in her size. Josie couldn't help to frown. Her feet even grew, after she had the baby. She hugged herself, tightly.

"They never have my size, either." The other Josie shrugged. "Lets face it, most girls have big feet, these days." She mentioned how tiny her grandmother's feet were. "And my mom is even a size smaller than me."

Josie nodded. She guessed it wasn't a big deal. Besides, she was here to buy clothes, all on her own. Henry was home with the baby.

The other Josie mentioned she was passing through. "Can you believe it, I've never been to a Forever 21 before." Of course, it was the outlet mall. "I usually thrift. Although, my friend back home, keeps telling me I should change my wardrobe. You know, adult..a little." She smiled then. "But I like to be comfortable."

Josie knew the meaning of a comfortable wardrobe. These days, she couldn't even find her bra, but she wouldn't discuss that with Josie.

"I just had a baby." Josie sighed.

"Seriously." The dark-eyed girl looked at her, shocked. "You, don't look it."

"Really?" Josie squinted, thinking the girl was only being nice. "I really have been trying. Walking, exercising everyday. I even drink my coffee black." Josie told her how much she missed cream in her coffee.

"Oh, you wouldn't know, how often I have to keep away from Starbucks." The other Josie admitted she did love iced coffee. "But the calories." She shook her head. "It gets expensive, too."

They looked at some short shift dresses, then. But the other Josie went straight to the plaid shirts.

"I can't boycott what I love." She then admitted, plaid was her favorite. "And skinny jeans."

Josie smiled too. Maybe she would get a shift dress, but she liked plaid, as well.

"Plaid never goes out of style." Josie assured her. The other Josie smiled and took one. This was the only item she needed.

Monday, August 1, 2016

um, about last night

Week 4! This week's prompt is

It seemed like a good idea yesterday. We were so in-sync. Actually, Ash never looked better. I suppose it was in his smile. Or maybe it was the Soju bombs, he made so well. Or it might have been my laugh.

We might have been a little too close. After all, I'd never kissed my best friend before. Cause, he's pretty stuck up, about those kind of things.

Of course, I dunno how many times he's told me I'm a little too slutty for his like'n, but what does this butthead know?

Yes, we fuss more than anything. No one knows, why we're friends. Everyone says he's trying to change me.

OK, so I dropped out my second semester in college and decided I'd wait tables and work at a salon. I just need to get myself together.  After all, he's an intern at this big cooperation.

And just when I thought he'd forgotten about me...

Damn, he has some amazing abs, along with a few other assets. I know, I 'm not suppose to know these things.

We talked about tattoos. Danced in the fountain where he works. So many laughs. At one time, I thought we were singing in the rain.

Only, that was yesterday.

I feel a headache coming on. My gut tells me I should come clean, but I'll have to throw up first.

I don't think he wears underwear.

AND THIS RING, won't come off! Jesus! Its stuck!

I can hear it now. I am the worst thing that ever happened to him.

Saturday, June 18, 2016


The many faces of Troye Sivan talking about music..among other things

Friday, June 17, 2016

enchanted rock

enchanted rock

One of my favorite places on earth is Enchanted Rock near Fredricksburg, Texas. I went with my significant other some time ago. What a weekend adventure! The Native Americans named it Enchanted Rock and its been a wonder ever since.

It has pink granite exfoliation dome that tops out at 425 feet above ground and reaches out over 640 acres. It’s 1,825 feet above sea level and is among the largest underground rock formations (batholiths) in the U.S.

Its also a great place for a 4 mile hike. And it can be exhilarating for the mind, body and soul. Its a place to connect with nature.

Many University of Texas students make their way to this little oasis. Some years are prettier than others. Depending on drought conditions. Recently, there has been more water, so you can find some beautiful vegetation. Still, it is an extraordinary place to go.

When you make it to the top, there is a feeling of empowerment. The view is breath-taking. And its even better when you bring along someone to share it with. It could be a significant other or even your dog.

I camped at this state park. A raccoon just about had us thinking a bear was getting into our tent in the middle of the night (no bear at this state park). My significant other, even found a private place to sun bathe nude. I don't suggest doing it, since it is a state park.

Please respect this place of nature. Unfortunately, there have been signs of graffiti. So remember to be part of nature, we have to respect it and leave it litter free.

16710 Ranch Rd. 965 
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
Latitude: 30.496033
Longitude: -98.819952

Thursday, June 9, 2016


GRACE'S CONTEST//Round 1//Ellie


Who knew it would end this way? What I thought was an ending, turned out to be a beginning. After all, some things don't end so easily.

But I always knew what was important. Even if my mother said I didn't. She didn't want to hear it.

No, no one wanted this happiness more than us. I guess I should have listened. Hadn't I always did what I wanted? I didn't need anyone's permission.

It was that day...that day in the park..I finally knew...YOU..were not coming.

It might have been your mother that kept you home. Maybe the family was certain... to keep me in my place.

But we'd been so happily. We could be happy.

I kept thinking the baby would look like you. I dreamed it. Perhaps, I wanted to see it through.

Rumor has it, a gang of girls was chasing me. It isn't so. No, the crash came out of nowhere. I wasn't thinking.

 Before I knew it, I was on the ground bleeding.

I was clearly not thinking.

Even now, I wonder if  I'm seriously thinking. Despite, the blood, being hurried along.

Still, it was a rescue. Jay remembered me from Family Basics Class. Perhaps we went left instead of right. I was only going to stay the night at his grandmother's.

If I go home, I know what the answer will be. So I opted for the free clinic. Jay by my side.. everything checked out fine. Yet, nothing will ever be fine. Will it?

The paperwork in place. A lie. A life. Without you.