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@bookluv-1 Character Challenge!

Name: Georgie
Age: 20
Single or Taken? (If so, by who) Bo who is a girl
Relatives/ Friends: Her Dad and neighbor Jesse
Favourite book: That was Then This is Now
Favourite movie: Brick
Likes: old school punk rock, climbing trees and buildings, camping and traveling
Dislikes: Bullies, doctors, and donut places.
World: (real world)
Backstory: Georgie used to think she was tuff when she was younger, but since this one guy in her school is really making her angry with his sexiest jokes, telling her ..her boobs aren't as big as they used to be, when she tried out for the football team. Now she's gone into wrestling and no one wants to go up against her. Her dad thinks she should quit, but she doesn't quit anything.  It doesn't help that this guy Axel keeps flirting with Georgie's girlfriend Bo. Georgie is afraid that Axel might try to do something to Bo and it won't be anything good. She really hopes she can find some evidence to get this bully kicked out of school. As of yet, no one has came forward to tell the honest truth about Axel.

Friday, November 18, 2016



Name: Yoshi (Face claim - Shin)
Age: 20
Single or Taken? (If so, by who) He wants Raya back.
Relatives/ Friends: Friend - Franco who is a tattoo artist and would be bodyguard
Favourite book: Here they Come by Yannick Murphy
Favourite movie: Secretly, Greatly
Likes: street food, good beat box, rooftops, kicking things... usually people, and his grandmother's seaweed soup
Dislikes: authority, a guy named Vinny who has his girlfriend on drugs, guns, street racing, gambling, and school.
World: (the real world)
Backstory: Yoshi was born in the states by Korean parents. They'd wanted him to be musically inclined as a small child, but he never took to the piano nor the violin, instead he made friends with other outsiders on the streets. When a riot broke out in Hell's Kitchen during a brownout, his parents were killed in the dark. Yoshi has been on his own since he was 16. He lives with Franco on a rooftop apartment that might be a shanty that no one knows about, but they've been doing well, gardening, reading books from the library and his part-time job at a Ramen place downstairs.

He met Raya while he was in school. They've been friends since sixth grade. He thinks of her as his First Love. He remembers her as smart and beautifully nerdy, but she's changed since Raya met Vinny. Soon he lost her, and he picks up leads when he can to find out where she is. Still, it seems a lost cause. Franco wants Yoshi to go to the nearby University. He thinks Yoshi should study film since he's always had an eye with a camera. But since it was so long that he ever developed photos from hie father's old 35 milometer camera, Yoshi is sure its a lost art.


in my head

in my head

● unkool submission
● Issue 31 / In My Head
@unkool #unkoolsubmission

Recently, I got to visit my grandfather, who lives alone on his farm in the outback of west Texas.

It seemed he needed to tell me stories about the days before he started college. It was during the great drought, even in the hill country, deer were dying and it was pretty much one dust storm after another.

His family found a way to get him to San Marcus when he couldn't quite cut working for the Highway Department, picking up road kill. However, San Marcus was a college party town and my gramps was a follower in his youth. It wasn't long until he gave it up and came back home before he got kicked out. Only, his folks had nothing to offer him. Thankfully, his sister (a newlywed) took him back and got him on track.

I see now that gramps should have been an Art major. Yet, that was nothing to get excited about back in the 50's. He was never really a good University student. I've seen the drawings he did in his Animal Science notebooks. He should have made comic-books.

Naturally, he didn't stay with his sister and her new husband long. There was a friend who wanted to go to Texas Tech, so my grandfather went to the panhandle. It was there he found at job with a bootmaker.

"I can't tell you... just how well I lied to get the job." He told me about his way of doing things, but he felt it was an opportunity he couldn't pass up. "Those first pair of boots were a mess." Still, he learned from hands on experience.

He made me feel better about my significant other, who quit his post office job and opted to learn about veg at the Vegan restaurant in the city. Needless to say, its been a learning experience for me too.

True, we do have to cut corners with our living expenses. It might not be the best holiday ever. Yet, he's made new friends and they are very helpful and truly sincere in living well.

Sometimes, you have to wait at a certain moment for things to happen, to change. Possibly, its like hopping on a slow train with so much anticipation.

Also, there are those moments, when you feel the timing is all wrong, still you go on and take that darn class your supervisor tells you that you have to have.

Learning is a journey and there is so much we can learn about ourselves. Even on a daily basis. So remember to write about these things. It might come in handy some day.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Set 13

Horror Film soundrack&cover. set 13

Set thirteen: Soundtrack & cover for Horror film. (advertise your film..make sure to give it a title and who is starring in the film.)

1. Song for beginning of the movie:

Badlands theme music-

2. Song for when the main character finds out something bad had happened:

You're so cool - Hans Zimmerman -

3. Song for when the main character thinks everything is OK:

Kris Wu - July -

4. Song for when the next bad thing happens:

Wintergatan - SommarfÄgel -

5. Song for suspense:

LuHan -

6. Song for when the movie ends.

LuHan - Adventure Time -

Set 12

how the story ends. Set 12

Set twelve: How does the story end? Does the main character survive or not? Explain in description. Your set should focus on how the story ends.

Finally! Matt to the rescue. But he's almost killed by the flying Ninja Star. Nao puts up a good fight with him. Determined to kill helpless Eli, with her karate and ninja moves while still in the cellar. Matt pushes Nao into a web of black widows that bite her face. Its  a creepy ending by nature, actually.

Bridget lets the cops know that something is bad happening at the farm, so they respond and take an injured Nao away in an ambulance.

Eli feels responsible, so he rides in the ambulance with her. Matt is baffled. Hurt that Eli hasn't listened to him, about how much he LOVES him.

"You're an idiot." Bridget tells him, as they follow in Matt's truck. She is driving. "You, hopeless romantic." Bridget purses a smirks and shakes her head, no. "You know, he likes me..don't you?"

Matt only gives her an eye that its best for both of them to give the idea that their boss' son wants to have a romance with him. He hugs himself hard as if he is seriously let down that Eli would go with the girl who tried to kill him.

Eli would hate for anything bad to happen to Nao. He stays with her, thinking they should investigate Jay's abduction again. But at the hospital, he finds out from Jay's and Nao's older brother that it would be useless. Meanwhile, a detective is listening in to Eli's conversation with Connor.

Police rush to Connor's apartment. Of course, they find nothing about Jay..except a letter from Dr. Jo-Hansen. All this time, Jay has been kept in a private asylum in upstate New York. Finally, the cops swoop in and find someone in a straight jacket in a very white room. Its Jay.

This leads to Connor's arrest.

Set 11

A girl named Nao. Set 11

Set eleven: Why does the villian want to kill off the main character? Explain in description, base your set on the villian and their style.

Nao who was raised in Japan by a different mother than her brother's (Jay). She has felt neglected most of her life.  She isn't even sure if she likes Americans since her brother was abducted and never heard from, again. As she gets older, she befriends her older brother and wishes to move to New York City to finish her high school education. Her father is pleased by this too. Only, she has never forgotten about Jay and feels what happened to her brother is Eli's fault. She wants to find closure...and as she is about to graduate soon, she wants to kill Eli and put the past behind her. Hoping to no longer live in Jay's shadow.

Set 10

While in the dark.. Set 10

Set ten: Your main character is all alone in the dark of night. Do they have anything to protect themselves? Will they be trapped? Or can they fool the villian?

Eli  is alone once again. He struggles in the darkness to find away to get the tape off his mouth. Of course, he falls over stuff and lands on something sharp garden tool which he finally gets the tape off  his hands. He makes as much noise as he can after he gets the tape off his mouth.

The  girl appears with a flash light.

Eli wants to know who she is.

"You know, what you did? I know, what you did to my brother." She says ever so bitter and full of rage.

"What are you talking about?" Eli thinks about this revelation. He had no idea that his friend Jay had a little sister. "I..I was just..just a kid. I didn't know what to do."

But he can see Jay's little sister doesn't have time to listen to him. She is in Ninja mode. Ready to take him out.

Set 7

Set seven: Main character is certain he knows who the villain is. But its the red herring. Face claim. Describe the red herring and make a set about the red herring's style.

Main character is certain he knows who the villain is. Set 7

Matt immediately goes to the company computer to find out what he can about J's older brother, Connor.

But he doesn't turn up nothing new. Connor has always gone to school in American. He is the top of his class. Ranked number one in business in Yale. Nothing sinister turns up.

"He even modeled when he was in high school." Matt informs Eli after being on the computer for most of the night.

Bridget has been following Park around. Of course, her sleuthing wasn't all that good, since she practically bumped into him while he was out shopping. She ends up having dinner with him. He really seems like a nice guy and Bridget just might be falling for him, but she reminds herself who her real friends are.

Connor comes off as the perfect employee. He's considerate and well...he doesn't seem like a killer.

Set 8

Set eight: Best friend or significant other or someone new, thinks you two should take a getaway. How would you get there? Where would you go? Would there be a fight against nature, as well as someone else? Explain in description
-face claims
-what would main character wear


Roadtrip! Set 8

With an investigation setting in with Dr. Jo-Hansen being strangled to death, Matt thinks it is time for he and Eli to take a roadtrip. Of course, he hopes to make his move on Eli. Mat finally hopes to confess his true feelings to Eli.

"Well, I want to go." Bridget says there is no way she can stay in the city if there is a killer on the loose.

"Seriously? They aren't even after you." Matt is thinking they should go to his uncle old farm in upstate New York.

"What are you going to do up there?" Bridget is nosy and tells Eli it will be very boring if she doesn't go.

"I think she should come." Eli admits that Matt and Bridget are his two best friends. Besides, he hasn't had a vacation in a very long time. Its the fall. A great time to go to upstate New York.

Matt really isn't fond of Bridget going on this trip. His truck is small, so its the three of them sitting together. Matt is hoping for some alone time with Eli. However, Bridget is chatty and keeps them almost off the beaten trail with apple picking and pumpkin buying.

Unfortunately, they get to his uncle's place about dark. It isn't quite the way Matt remembers. No one is home and the power is out.

It starts to rain. Cold sets in. They have to camp out in the house. No way, is Bridget going to spend the night alone. All three end up in one bed together after some roasted marshmallow that leaves them more hungry.

"Is this what they call a threesome?" Eli asks to both Bridget and Matt's surprise.

Of course, those two get into an argument about the bathroom. Matt insists that Eli likes him more than he likes Bridget. Of course, Bridget doesn't believe Matt.

"Guys!" Eli sees movement in the moonlight. He's still in the middle of the bed, waiting for them to comeback. But when they come back to the bed, Eli's not there.