Thursday, May 23, 2013

No Better Than Before

Henry laid out in the sun bath chairs next to Ian and Josie. He was dripping wet from the pool, but the sun was high and ready to put him on bake. Fortunately, Josie had sun screen for that and an extra pair of shades too.

She was reading and didn't mind if anyone thought she was getting tubby nor piggy. After all, her little stomach was growing. She was with child. Actually, she looked as if she could burst, but she was well covered in her Mom's old black swimming dress.

He squinted in his shades and looked about, as if he might find Shan somewhere around, but no. Just Leo, who was sitting at the side of the pool straight across from him with his legs dangling in the water. He was ever so serious.

Henry hated to imagine he was only staring at him. After all, they were just in band together. Leo played the drums too.

"He's kind of creepy, huh?" Josie said aloud then as she turned a page of her fashion magazine.

"He can't help it." Henry sighed. Leo wasn't awful. Perhaps a lump on a log watching time go by. He never said much. Henry thought at one time he might have Aspbergers because he never talked. But he was in regular classes, and band. "He's just different."

Henry felt a little sad for him. It wasn't like he was going to go out of his way and say something to Leo. There was always band. Usually, Henry might casually say something to Leo and then Leo would sort of laugh. Maybe Leo didn't know how to have a conversation.

What if Shan was like Leo? Weird.

Henry winced more. Leo was coming over.

"Hey, you ready for band tomorrow?" Leo stood in front Henry blocking the sun. Those white swim trunks didn't hide much of Leo, either.

Leo's hands were huge, so were his feet. He wasn't exactly an orgar, by any means. Yet, it was clear  his package was maximum too. 

"Not really." Henry barely got out of his mouth, hoping Leo would move on. Soon. Finally, he did.

"Are you sure, he's not coming on to you?" Josie said after Leo was gone. "And if he is, would you?" She smirked.

"God." Henry made a face of disgust.

But Josie kept giving that face that maybe she'd even want to see Leo out of his swimming trunks, too.


Linda said...

I think I love this one!

ivy's closet said...

Oh, Leo might be one to think about.

lucy and sarah said...

Very interesting.