Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hunger Games fan fic

Round 1 // Intro // 100th Annual Hunger Games

I'm River Jordan and I'm 16 years old. I used to think life was getting better, but I dunno.

The capital has a way of taking things away from you. Its like, they do not want you to succeed.

Still, we get by. And I've tried to keep in my head in a book for a long time now. Thanks to my best friend Lucky, I've managed to stay in school.

See, my mom left us. Maybe she knew how creepy things were getting with Dad, who is actually a scientist.

He won't tell me the truth, but I think he's a part of the uprising. He was once revered as someone really special, but that's not the case, anymore.

My brother Sky is the only one with any income, as of late. He works long hours at the factory, perfecting new computer chips. Computer chips that my father invented in that marvelous mind of his.

Of course, would never know it.

I've been having to take care of my little brother Leaf, as of late. He comes down with one illness after another. I'm beginning to think our schools are polluted and part of the problem. Another reason, I'm  no show.

But I have Birdy and Lucky to help me with my studies. Maybe all is not lost.

Until now. Until this week when I was chosen to be a part of the games.... I'm pretty sure it was intentional. No matter what they say.

There are those who hate my father. They say it was he who brought the whole district down.

On the upside, Mom's home. Finally. Although, she's more of a robot now. No emotion. No sadness. She says I must be brave.

When I ask where she went, she won't tell me. Yes, my life is a mystery. And I'm waiting for more things to get weird. Welcome to my world.

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