Saturday, December 10, 2016

Kaori & Ellie prt. 3

Kaori & Ellie prt.3

If J were only here.

Kaori could hear him now. "Quit your whining." He would say. After all, he was a hard worker. He sold vegetables in the summer and had been known to be a custodian at the local school, but he was more than some one of physical labor. He liked to make things, too. Shelves. Furniture, especially chairs. Maybe that was why they got along so well.

She really hated to have Micky around. As it was, she practically ran, but almost slipped on the ice.

"Hold up." She first heard him say. Next thing she knew she was in his arms, watching his breath in the cold air.

Yes, he did really look perfect in the moonlight. She couldn't deny his fit body and dazzling smile.

"Don't you want to... watch the snow?" He asked. Actually, she hadn't let him go. It was the warmth that kept her cozy.

But then she didn't like this closeness. She pushed him off.

"I should be home, making things for..for my...boyfriend." It wasn't official or anything, but then again, she didn't live at home, anymore. It might have been a rooftop place, but she felt independent, even if Ellie lived with her.

Sure. they slept on the livingroom floor together, but it wouldn't always be this way. They had dreams. Actually, it was J, she dreamed of. Where ever they were..she knew she would be happy.

" where is this boyfriend of yours." It didn't sound like a question coming from Micky.

"Jeju Island." She told him he liked studying plants. It was a job through the University. She wanted to tell Micky ...she was moving there, some day. But was that really true? He didn't call, anymore.

Kaori hated to admit that she didn't know their future.

Kaori looked up at the snowy sky. Could she wish on snowflakes? She guessed it wouldn't be a good idea with Micky around.

Soon enough, she found the path home, up the steps where houses grew into the landscape, and at the top of the old building where her grandparents lived, was her place.

"You, can go now." Kaori didn't want to invite him in.

"Wait." He wouldn't let her shut him out. "How about I wait, until Ellie gets home?"

His smile was always a deal breaker.

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