Wednesday, December 28, 2016

the cardigan

The Cardigan

Its been such a wacky weather month, this December. Some nights have been a 3 dog night (that's Canadian for it takes that many dogs to keep you warm at night) while closer to Christmas we had almost 60 degrees! Fog that freezes things. Thunderstorms. I know, it could have been so much worse.

And to have Monday off these last two weeks of the year have been exciting yet depressing (making up those hours at work.)

Thankfully, that trusty gray cardigan of mine has gotten me through the month. Every year, I look for a new one (except, its not always new..I do thrift) However, this year I found a really long cardigan that I can practically trip over (that is if I'm trying to escape the mall quickly, but I never go there.)

However, I was out before Thanksgiving and found someone who makes their own fashions at a craft show, and saw all these cardigans. Of course, the price was a little hefty. I told her I loved the look and flow of them and she said, "Well..I LOVE the one you have on."

Suddenly, it occurred to me..I'm actually in style. Me? I live in the mid-west, and we are a conservative bunch..I might add. No one around here looks like they are ready to make a booty call. Plus, I work at the library and one might think we are all nuns in black.

Of course, the very long cardigan was very helpful during the furnace breakdown at work. Its been a bad year for us at the library when it comes to heating and cooling. Also, our director lives in her coat, most days. Anyway, I used the cardigan as a blanket.

Truly, I'm not always fashionable. But I love a piece in my wardrobe that's functional.

Yes, I'd wear my flannel pjs to work..if I could. Since I have a very long cardigan..a lot of times, no one really knows what kind of bottoms I'm wearing.

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