Friday, May 14, 2010

just can't help it


What we got here is a love hate relationship.

I mean, I might be friends with Ravi if it weren't for Olivia. I guess... I just try to drive him nuts, right now. I dunno. Maybe I'm just driving myself nuts. All this waiting around for Doyle to make up his mind.

So was I wrong to bring my old boxers down to Olivia? I mean, she's this crafty girl and all. You know. Not like I'm trying to bring up bad memories or anything. She could even make curtains or a quilt out of my boxers.

Then to find out her father is here. Jesus. What the hell happened there?

She's supposed to have like the perfect family. She never had a sibling. I mean, I thought she'd be a little princess but obviously not. I dunno .. I think she wasn't as close to them as I imagined.

Oh, and yeah, my Mom loves her so much. Its like I let her down when I broke up with Olivia.

Of course, I haven't said a word about Doyle. It wasn't like I saw her much either when I was with Cory. Then my senior year it was a bit like pulling teeth to see her and her new family. Seriously, I felt out of the loop, you know.

Family stuff can freak me out. Now I'm wanting it so bad with Doyle. Not physically. OK, know me, that would be fantastic. But honestly, its this emotional connection. I just feel really happy around him. I wish it wasn't that bad. But being with him is like a warm day at the beach. It could so be bliss. It honestly could.

But, I guess I'll have to wait it out. Somehow. Meantime, I'm going to drive all my friends crazy. I just can't help it.

just crazy talk


so jade said...

roger roger roger....

jeremy's turn said...

driving everyone crazy. yeah, that's roger.