Saturday, July 17, 2010

the joy of it


I have to keep believing this is good for us. Moving in together. Of course, my bones are so tired and sore. I know Kyle feels just as bad. This has to be worth it. It just has too.

Its just. I'll be doing some light housework for Olivia's Aunt and watching Rosie, too. I know how to take care of Rosie. Really, I think I do a better job than Amanda..if you must know, but that's neither hear nor there. I wouldn't dare mention it to Kyle because I know Amanda is a mute subject with him.

And if I could say as much, I think Amanda took a toll on him. And I gotta wonder if you know, he'll ever fully recover from being involved with her. I just don't want to think about that right now. I mean, we have the place cleaned out. There is actually a floor. We are going to paint. I'm making curtains. It'll be this country chick, OK..maybe cheap chick look about it. But it'll be our place. And I'm going to love it. I just will. I have to. Its all I got.

My mom called. I told her not to worry. We are fine. Of course, you know, our passionate night of love has not happened yet. I hope it will. I want it to happen. I do. Just, we are so tired. Almost too tired to sleep.



simon and josh said...

It would be a scary time for her.

ivy said...

Oh, she'll be ok. Kyle is there.

ori said...

I like this one.