Friday, February 10, 2012

Spencer & Toby

Spencer felt lost. Completely. It was like a death of some kind when Toby left.

She knew she'd pushed him away. It had to be this way. She kept telling herself, over and over. But she didn't believe it. She couldn't.

The foolish things she did all because of A. It was heart-breaking. Actually, a part of her had had enough of this little town. Why was she even staying here? If only she knew where Toby went, she would go to him in the dead of night. Take a train, even hitch-hike if she had too. She needed Toby.

Especially, now. Especially after finding out Jason was her actual brother. OK, half brother. But still..she had a big brother and she didn't even really know until she thought back, to what Ali had said.

She felt as if her world was completely falling apart. Spencer had never felt so alone.

She hugged Toby's old sweater. It smelled of him, like peanut-butter cookies, but better. Yes, she wore his T-shirt next to her skin. Perhaps, she love him now, more than she did when he was here.

Spencer blinked tears. She wanted him back. She had to get him back. Some how.


FWB said...

This is so cool that you did this. I love them together.

W. said...

Keep writing!!!

meg said...

nice start.