Monday, February 13, 2012

Spencer & Toby


Toby was sick of himself. Why had he done this? Was he really mad at Spencer?

It really didn't have a thing to do with that doctor fellow, Wren. Did it? He couldn't stay mad at her over that. He wanted to believe she'd done this on purpose. She hadn't actually gone back to Wren. Had she?

He felt as if his heart was breaking. It just wasn't fair. Why couldn't he have this one thing he wanted? He wanted Spencer? That's all he wanted.

There were so many things in his life he didn't get. He didn't have the parents he wanted. Certainly not the siblings he wanted. And yet, he still sensed that Jenna wanted him. Even now. Even when she was out with someone else. It was as if they were all puppets on a string to her. It was really quite devasting.

He hated the idea that blindness had came to her, but she was such a snide little princess. She controlled the buttons, even with his father.  Did they even wonder where he'd gone?

He was just trouble, according to his family now. No one cared he was on his own. And he'd come to this. Being so alone. Once again, like always.

But now as he was on the road to nowhere, he looked back at the pictures in his wallet so thoughtfully of Spencer. He didn't hate her. He could never hate her. No, his heart ached as if some one was stomping on it. If only he could speak with her. Just hear her voice. But he was even afraid to call. No telling, who could hear him now. Something, was awful wrong at home. And he'd been left out completely.

Still that troubled teen no one trusted. That guy, people still asked around from time to time. "Weren't you the guy who got killed in that motorcycle accident?"

He felt as if he were that dead man walking. A ghost of Spencer's past. Did anyone even wonder where Toby Cavenaugh went?


meg said...

ooohhhh..poor Tobey!

lucy and sarah said...

I hope they find each other..soon.

ivy's closet said...

Hope they find each other soon.

Anonymous said...

Keep writing!

Alysha said...

Aww.... poor Tobey!

Ps. You're really good at writing, and this blog looks really really promising. I'm following you!

ivy's closet said...

I'm ready for more!