Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spencer & Toby

camilla farias

Jason knew he'd never get to know his real father, but he could still manage to know his little sister Spencer. And that was enough.

At least he was happy with it.

Of course, he knew what was troubling Spencer. He saw that worried look on her face.

"This is about Toby, isn't it?" Jason didn't know where Toby went, but he'd find out. If he could do anything for the only family he had left, he'd help Spencer.

"Maybe, its for the best." Spencer was grim when she said those words. They'd met for coffee at an out of the way diner where no one would know them.

"How can you say that?" Jason didn't believe her, not in the least. It was wrong for her to even think it. "You are so good for him. And..and he really is good for you."

Honestly, Jason had never had that kind of love in his life. Maybe it was Spencer's older sister, who had something to do with it. Yes, he'd been smitten by his own sister, Melissa. Deep down, there were old feelings for her, but he knew it was forbidden. Yet, maybe that was why he was so alone. He couldn't help it. He was in love with Melissa.

"Just let me help you, OK?" Jason needed this. It felt like the right thing to do. He didn't even listen to Spencer's answer. He was going to find Toby.


meg said...

OH YEAH! for Jason!

Alysha said...

Sounds really promising. I love the mystery, and all the tension between Jason and Spencer. Can't wait to see what happens next!