Friday, March 2, 2012

Spencer & Toby

camilla farias
Spencer wished Jason hadn't spoken of Toby. Maybe that's why she dreamed of him so that night. It was as if she'd stepped into another world with him. She lived with him at his house.

There was no Jenna to worry about. It was such a fond dream, being in his arms, caressing her so loving. His lips kissing her on the back of the neck. So real and genuinely pleasing. It was as if he was really here. She could feel his touch, like liquid gold that in the end she succumbed to him.

She'd never known such a pleasure existed. Especially, in her dreams. And she'd never known these rooms in his house.

But where was Jenna? Had she left? She remembered her face. Her fake smile. Hiding behind those ghastly dark shades.

With this lustful love for Toby came something so horribly raw and honest. Jenna was gone. She was struck with such an ominous sorrow. But his touch was so real. His lips on her, pressing deep, touching the core of her as if he'd take her soul if he wanted.

She awoke in the darkness. It was more than just a wet dream. Someone was there, but it wasn't Toby.


meg said...

Wow..what an ending?????

FWB said...

Definitely scary!