Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spencer & Tobey

"No, I don't even get why you are here," Jason's tone was a bit on edge.

Tobey hadn't meant to be found. Why had Jason came all this way? To Allentown. He was staying with a cousin's friend who ran a fix-it shop for cars. It was work. He knew what to do. Although, some would say he was slumming, which might be true. He just wanted to get away. He needed to think. After all, he had his GED now. It would be fine.

Spence probably found that doctor boyfriend of hers. Although, Tobey felt that guy was way to old for her. But it wasn't his place to say. Not now, anyway.

"What do you want?" Tobey gritted hoping this conversation didn't last long.

"My sister needs you." Jason sounded desperate.

Tobey didn't mean to smile, but it sounded kind of funny for him to use that term.

"I dunno what you mean," Tobey glared at him as he cleaned the oil from his hands. His white Tee was grimy now. Wasn't like this place made him wear a uniform. As it was, the heat and humidity hung in the air. He wouldn't exactly want Spencer to see him now.

"Look, this whole A thing is getting out of hand. Its not just one person, you know. Its like a secret society now. And they have it out get Spence, maybe." Jason waited for Tobey to respond.

"She's..Spencer can be fickle, you know." He sighed as if that might not be completely true. But she'd pushed him away. "What am I suppose to do?" This wasn't just about Spencer. His family didn't want him back. He felt so alone in the world. Maybe, he wasn't good enough for Spencer, after all.

"You're the only good thing in her life. And you know that." Jason's glare was serious. "I think you should come back, take her way from all this."

He didn't sound exactly like a guidance counselor. Tobey winced. Was Jason serious?

A laugh bubbled up inside him. Spencer here with him? He looked at his worn work boots.

"I got this trailer. She'd probably hate it." Tobey told him. Could they really survive on LOVE?


meg said...

I hope he gets back to Spencer soon.

FWB said...

I hope they run away.

Alysha said...

Such a cliff hanger. I love it. Please post more!