Monday, September 3, 2012

No Better Than Before

This a bit of an alternative version of Henry & Shan's story.

Hadn't he had enough change this summer? Henry didn't like the idea of going to band camp. It was almost time for school to be back in session. But everyone at the library was back from vacation and his hours were cut back.

At first he thought they were firing him, but instead Asa told him he needed to do at least one thing this summer that was actually fun. Unfortunately, he couldn't see how fun Band Camp would be, when most of it would be loading and unloading drums for the most part. He hadn't exactly been at drum corp this summer like he should have. Besides, they didn't really need him, but sure enough when he called the director.. the corp missed him terribly.

"Of course, they do." Audrey coaxed, but his brother coaxed more as they sent him on his way at the high school. First he'd get on a bus, travel four hours to a University, stay in a high rise and march his butt off, learning all of Lady Gaga's songs. Marching band always did their best at ruining pop music. At least, Henry thought.

Naturally, it was the same old crowd. Some in coming Freshman girls were all giggly and took over his seat he'd hoped to sleep in. The whole trip was loud. How could he get used to all this, again? He'd been at a place that was total quiet. Audrey did have her loud moments with TV reviews and boy bands, but nothing like this.

Soon enough they were on campus, and he was the last to find out where his room might be, because of all the band stuff to unload. Of course, it was crowded in the dorm lobby. More giggling prevailed. Henry did his best to be his happy self in the midst of it. He was in no hurry to find his room. He'd had enough girl drama to last him a month. Finally, it was just him, but somebody else lingered behind, as if nothing could possibly disturb him.

Of course, all Henry could note, as this guy sat their in his cargo shorts and his cryptic Tee-shirt, was the massive amount of hair in his face. He was reading a book. Henry couldn't help but stare. He wasn't sure what it was about this guy that intrigued him so. Perhaps, Henry just wanted to see his face, but it was practically stuck in R.R. Martin's A DANCE WITH DRAGONS.

"Is it any good?" Henry found himself asking. He wanted at least one look at the guy's face.

"What?" His head shot up, looking Henry in the eye. His thick hair fell around his eyes. Still a mystery, yet so intriguing.

"The book." Henry looked at him blankly.

The lean guy's lips curved up. "You haven't read his fifth book of FIRE AND ICE?"

Henry was caught off guard. Here he'd worked in a library and he hadn't even heard of the series. Henry shook his head.

"You have no idea, what your missing." He pushed a thick lock of hair behind his ear. "Its the best fantasy since LORD OF THE RINGS." He assured him.

"Really?" Henry wasn't sure what he was asking.

"Its like the third time I've read it." His smile was open as if he were glad Henry asked.

"So, you're here for band camp?" Henry asked soon enough before he got caught up in Fire and Ice.

"Yeah," he rolled his eyes as if he wasn't that big on band, as if he had a life. Not just band. He told Henry his name was Shannon, but he didn't shake Henry's hand. They talked a little bit about what they played. Shannon was a drummer too. Henry couldn't help but grin.

Finally, Shannon put his book in his messenger bag.

"Maybe, I'll see you around." He shrugged.

"Maybe." Henry did his best not to grin too much, but he definitely wanted to get to know Shannon, but Shannon paid him no mind, turned and walked directly into the WOMAN'S restroom.

Henry glared. "You're going the wrong way." He said to no one, as he frowned. What did he just see? Shannon had to be a guy. That was a guy he was talking to. He knew. No way, could Shannon be a girl.

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