Monday, March 4, 2013

Teen Wolf : Cat and Dog

Derek Hale still felt as if the weight of he world was pushing him farther down, even if Uncle Peter were back. From the dead, no less. Thanks to Derek's help.

And Uncle Peter had the nerve to say he was a show off. It did not sit well with Derek. Damn, if he didn't have to have a enough to worry about.

This was not the way he wanted it. These days were different from how he grew up. His house was a home when his family lived. All that remained was a cold dark hallow of a house and of course, Uncle Peter.

Naturally, there was a small awakening when Derek created Erica. He'd weighted it out so carefully in his head. He'd only made her one of his own for Scott, no less. A lot of good that did, but still, Derek was not selfish. He wasn't. It was just...

It grieved him that Erica thought she was his. He couldn't help but push her advances away. And now, he wished he hadn't. Of course, his pack was a far cry from family. But it looked like she was doing well with Boyd now.

It seemed Boyd's natural compassion was what Erica needed. They were helping each other. Helping in a way that Derek did not know how to be. As always, he was on his own in the dark of night. Sleeping his day away in a box car.

His trust fund was still in tact for the most part. He really hadn't used much of it. Of course, he didn't have time for a day job these days. And to think he'd wanted to be on the police force at one time. Wasn't that a laugh?

He should be use to this misery he created. Each day he felt he sank down into a new low. His eyes, heavy with sorrow. His limbs so tired. He needed sleep for a little while. OK, weeks perhaps. He'd hibernate in a cave somewhere, wake up and know what to do. What he really needed in his life.

But where was he? Waiting for Scott to get out of school, in the high school parking lot. He crossed his tired limbs and scratched the itch of stubble on chin. He needed to think. Yet how could he gather them together?

Scott seemed to be winning Isaac over, as of late. Derek couldn't tell if this were a good thing or not. And what about Peter's son Junior? Was he actually real or only a figment of the imagination?

Derek rubbed the stubble under his chin in thought. He'd go on instinct. Why hadn't he thought of it before?

So he crept into the school. Easy. No one in sight. Nothing changed, either. The halls were like he remembered during his high school days. Swiftly in the shadows, he found the office he was looking for at the end of the hall near the exit where the athletic department started.

The door was open, but he politely tapped as he watched the young woman clicking away at her laptop. He thought for sure the guidance counselor would be definitely old school. Only she was young and definitely oozing with confidence. Or was she just sexy?

Her dark eyes looked up at him as if she were expecting him.

"May I help you?" She offered him a seat. He didn't wait. Suddenly, he felt so comfortable in her presence. Only he couldn't decide if it were completely natural, but he went with it.

"Yes, uh.." How did he put this. " cousin, Junior Hale lives with me. Its just..he never tells me ..anything.." Derek cracked a smile as if he even believed the lie he told Ms. Morrel. Suddenly, he wondered if she were named after a special mushroom, or something. "Ms. Morrel..." He struggled with her name.

"Its Caterina." Her smile was open too, as if she were up to the challenge. "But everyone calls me Cat."

Derek nodded with a sigh. Just what he needed, a feline in his life. He hugged himself as he watched her body move ever so lovely. Even her fingers were slender and beautiful. "Cat." He grinned. Even if he didn't mean too. She made it so hard to be his stoic self. "Anyway," he blinked trying to retrace his thoughts. "About Junior."

"You know that's confidential." Her words were so seductive.

"Is it?" He shot her a look thinking maybe his pupils dilated and the place was going dark.

"Uh-huh." Her voice was so soothing. He could hardly stand it.

"I just want to know..if..if he's OK." Derrick did his best to keep himself together. He couldn't let himself unwind. He never let himself have a moment of peace. He just couldn't.That was part of being the alpha. Always on edge. Always in control.

"He's fine, Derek." Her smile was so sly. Derek couldn't help but watch her full plush lip. He so wanted to reach over the desk and kiss her. Somehow, he needed to make her his own.


Did witches and werewolves go together? Cat didn't think so. Still, she felt she'd known Derek all her life. She'd watched him from a distance. Oh, he could be coy, but she could be down right invisible if she wanted too.

Was it possible for for them to help each other? Now?

Funny how he'd asked about Junior. That Uncle Peter was a fickle one. A down right smart ass.

Of course, she'd been barely a teen when she saved Peter's son. She was practically his mother. OK, big sister, she thought.

It didn't help when Uncle Peter showed up. For a werewolf he was down right sly. There was a darkness about him that she hoped Junior would never accept.

Besides, Junior was just J to her.

"Just why do you want to know Junior so bad?" She looked at Derek now, wondering what he could possibly want from him.

"He's family." Derek's grin was a little sheepish.

Cat sighed. She could only hope Derek wasn't on his way to turning into his uncle. Cat didn't know if she could take it.

"I see." She was aloof as she could be. After all, weren't high school counselors suppose to be that way? "Well, if I see him? I'll let him know, you asked about him."

"You'd do that?" He looked as if no one was ever this nice to him.

"Maybe..." She looked him over, thinking they might could be more than friends. "If you bought me dinner I'd, find a way ...where maybe you two could talk."

Derek's lips curved up as if this might be the best news he'd heard in a very long time.


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