Monday, April 29, 2013

Hemlock Grove Fan Fiction : Peter and Christina

Peter knew this wasn't going to be easy. Why was he the last to know, sometimes. Maybe he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, after all.

"What have you done?" His eyes couldn't look away at Christina now. He was suppose to kill her, but somehow they were connected now. He could sense it since the full moon.

"Please! Don't be mad! Don't be!" She was a sick puppy. He knew something wasn't right since her hair turned white. There she was on her knees and he knew what he had to do. Or did he?

He looked to Roman. And there was Letha by his side. This pained him so much to do this, but now he knew he didn't belong here. Not when the truth was before him.

Peter couldn't settle this now. They needed to go. He knew once Christiana's wolf came out to play, it would not be pretty. He looked to the stain glass windows in the old church. It was getting late. There was no time.

He hated to leave Letha, but this needed to be sorted.

"You, think I'm bad, don't you?" Christina winced with tears as if she herself was finally waking up to the fact that she'd done a very bad thing. "But..but I just wanted to be..a part of you."

Peter sighed as if that were the craziest thing he'd ever heard. But then he'd wanted to be a part of Letha, except he knew he really wasn't.

"It'll be OK." He didn't want any harm to come to anyone. He grabbed her by the arm. They'd have to hurry.

She shook her head. He knew he didn't believe her. Naturally, Roman wanted to know what was going on.

"It'll be OK." He remembered his mother's words. He didn't want to make this any worst than what it already was. "You're angry." He looked her in the eye.

"I know." She yelped. "I don't mean to. I don't know why." She wailed. He put his arm around her.

"Where will you go!" Roman stepped forward. No way was he letting him have his prized possession, his father's car.

"I dunno." Peter yelled at Roman this time. He needed to get Letha out of here.

Peter took Christina's hand and they ran into the darkness until they found the basement stairs. He locked the heavy door behind them. They'd be safe in the basement. Unless they killed each other. This was no time for bacon fat.

Maybe if they were together, they could get through this. He could feel Christina shake beneath him. Soon she was out of his grasp.

Christina awoke in her bed. The windows were open in her room. There was a chill of autumn in the air as the curtains danced. She was in a sweat. Was it over yet? Or did it just start?

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