Friday, May 3, 2013

Hemlock Grove Fan Fic: Peter and Christina

Peter couldn't say he remembered a thing. Exactly. But they'd somehow found their way to his cousin's place, afterwards.

"I need your help, Des?" He looked her in the eye, hoping she'd sense it too. What should be done?

Of course, Christina was still shivering. Still not herself. Her hair just a little darker in places now. Yes, she was the bad wolf.

"What do you have in mind?" Destiny wasn't really being positive about the situation. He knew she wanted him to kill it. Do it quick. But of course not, here.

"How should I know? You? You.. know, do your magic." He felt bad he'd said it, but he thought she was far better at this gypsy stuff than he was.

"Magic?" She rolled her eyes.

"I killed my cat, already." Peter didn't want to do any more killing. Especially, gory stuff. Did he really have to go through with the bacon fat?

Finally, Destiny went to take a look at Christina. Destiny glanced at Peter.

"You, honestly want to change your feelings...for someone?"

"I think I do." He felt like crying instantly for Leitha, already. There was no way he could change her future. Even if he wanted too. But this, he could change. Maybe go back in time. Perhaps there were memories there of Christina, and he didn't even know it.

"There is no going back." She reminded him even lipped.

"I know."

Somehow, they'd managed through the night together as canine. He wasn't so sure. He was certain her other self must hate him too. Evidently, not.

"She loves me." Peter got that. She'd gone to great lengths, even if she was one crazy bitch. He had to at least explore it. "She needs me." That's just what kind of guy he was. And something dark was coming Roman's way. He'd have to get used to it. "Christina's a part of me."

Destiny grabbed the sides of Christina's face and looked her in the eye. She started chanting something vaguely familiar to Peter in a language he knew not completely of. And then Destiny gave Christina a deep kiss.

The girl closed her eyes, and dropped her head when Destiny was done.

"What did you do?" Peter wasn't expecting this. Christina laid lifeless on the couch.

"You, worry to much." Destiny said ever so coldly. "It's either this, or do you want a wolf to train all on your own?"

Peter hugged himself and watched Christina carefully.

Would he ever be able to trust her? Completely?

His cousin turned to him too and planted him on the couch next to Christina.

"Its your turn now." She grabbed the sides of his face. Before he knew it, he was in a trance and his cousin's mouth was on his, and it was beautiful.

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