Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hemlock Grove Fan Fic : Peter and Christina

"Is this what you want? Are you sure this is what you want?"

Peter couldn't imagine who even said it as the words fades somewhere in his vast mind. He was in a deep sleep. There were visions of the stars, or were those jellyfish in the ocean of his imagination?

"Hey." One simple word awoke him. And she was there, plain and simple, staring down at him in the hammock.

Peter looked surprised. He was. But he'd have to choose his words more carefully..because he knew. He knew what she was now. That part could not come undone. All he could do was to make this not quite as bad as it could be.

He remembered Letha was not his. Never would be. She was someone else's play thing. Only it was a blur now. Insignificant. He'd been placed here for a reason. There were rules, but Peter liked making his own rules when he could.

"What are you doing?" His smile half crooked. "Did you, kiss me?" He held out his hand for her to take. Of course, she hesitated. So he grabbed it and pulled her in. He knew what she wanted. To be with him.

Christina was gentle as a lamb. Even if she did try her best to be a Puritan about it. 

Peter couldn't help but grin as he coaxed an arm around her as if they wouldn't be at their best unless they were in a snug cuddle.

"Hemingway, what's gotten into that crazy head of yours?" Peter kept grinning wishing to be a little more cynical. It was easy to see she didn't get his humor.

"Writer's block." She finally managed.

"Wrtier's block?" Peter smiled. "Don't you know writers only write for a few minutes at a time. You can't write 8 hours a day."

"I can't write a thing. Just empty pages." Christina said quite sadly. "I have to live it first."

"And have you?" Peter asked ever so calm as he kissed her forehead.

"Its like a nightmare. A bloody nightmare." She murmured into his bare chest. He could feel her restless heartbeat from here.

"You're sad. You, have nothing to be sad about." Peter sighed. But even now, he wasn't so sure he could stop the killings.

She rose slightly and looked into his eyes. He let her soft lip reach for his. And when her mouth found his tongue, Peter was so sure she might eat it. Swallow it whole. But he was calm, he let her have her way. Naturally, she wasn't very good with the infant kiss. 

He'd have to teach her, and he did.

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