Tuesday, May 14, 2013

No Better Than Before

Henry could not wipe that silly grin off his face, even if he wanted too.  This was the best surprise ever.

He found out where Shan lived. On his same block. Why didn't he know? He quickly took Shan's application and made him a library account.

Yet his heart beat quickened. He could barely think. Just how..HOW was he going to do this? How would he know..if..if Shan..was even interested in him.

If only he knew the secret code. Something.

A part of him felt faint. Especially, when he almost walked out the library door with Shan.

"You know..." Henry paused. It was a great pause as Shan looked him in the eye, waiting for some library rule..maybe he'd already broke. "I-I live across the street from you." Henry rattled off his address, which Shan looked rather blank about.

"See you around." Henry said so quickly as if he's gone past his warranty. Shan didn't look so impressed. Those dark eyes of his looked at Henry as if he needed to make an exit now. Naturally, Shan went straight to the women's restroom.

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