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an Oli Skyes Imagine

Requested Imagine for @anons5sos

Requested Oli Skyes Imagine prt.1

The first time we met, I was sure he'd forget. After all, I'd ran away. It was my summer of BRING ME THE HORIZON.

Yeah, it had been amazing going to every show. Hell, I was practically a band roadie. It wasn't like I was stalking him. But he found me out before they off across the pond. I didn't have a pass port.

"You know what you have to do," He said like it was all up to me. As if he wasn't turning me away.

Sure, I looked at him doe-eyed not sure where this was going. I kept watching his lips move, hoping I could taste them.

"What?" There I went acting tough, licking my upper dry lip, wishing I was his girl.

"Stay in school."

His touch on my shoulders sent me spinning. I don't think I heard a word he said, but he talked about when he was in school. How tough it had been. Maybe he was a renegade.

"I never liked it either, but you have a good future ahead of." I knew what he was saying. A future without him.

I didn't want to understand, but he'd kissed my cheek and wished me well. If only, he'd given me what I wanted. But he needed to be in America. And I was stuck here. All I had left was the scent of clover and cinnamon. Along with his essence.

Oli Sykes Imagine prt.2

Of course, I didn't get very far. Yet, I didn't look back, either. Yeah, I was stuck in this one railroad village, working at a roadside diner where the truckers could sleep in our parking lot and waffles were a dime a dozen.

If only, he'd stayed a little longer, I could tell him how bad it was. There was no going back. Life was a mess back home. It would have gotten worse. Especially, with that boyfriend of my mum's.

Perhaps, I was a survivor after all. Still, I was dreaming of Oli. And I wondered, did he ever look in the pocket of that black leather jacket of his? I'd left him a song and my phone number.

But it didn't look like it would happen. Yeah, stupid to think a dream might come true like that. Honestly, I didn't have that kind of luck.

Except, there was Bodie who worked in the next parking lot. I suppose he was EMO, even though I wouldn't speak of it and neither would he. Actually, I didn't think we'd get along. I mean, he was no Oli Skyes.

"You, have a cowboy name." I told him. Guess he thought I was teasing with that silly grin of his. Yeah, he liked to drink coffee and wait for me to get off my shift. He'd walk me home. Although, I was sure I could take care of myself. Maybe, it was the meanies after him. And I was his little angel. After all, I could kick butt when it came right down to it.

I guess we were friends. He talked about being in a band, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. After all, I was holding out for Oli.

"Don't you want to hear us?" His lanky body hoovered over mine. Maybe he was closer than I liked.

I looked up at Bodie and made a face I wouldn't regret. Besides, I needed my alone time to write my own songs. I shook my head, no.

"What do you do on your day off?" Bodie wanted to know.

I didn't want to tell him I dreamed Skyes. I bit my bottom lip.

"You, could be the new lead singer." Bodie's swagger needed some work. Possibly, I had him wrapped around my finger.

I squinted a silly grin, thinking what was next? Me in Bodie's band? Was it possible I could leave this place?

But my phone jingled a familiar ring. It was Oli.

#RequestedImaginebyEllieWriter For @anons5sos

"Are you sexting him? Right now?" Izzy gave me a disgusting look as if I was the worst person on the planet. Naturally, she was never in a good mood. Why did she even work here?

I festered her a look that she was totally disgusting. It wasn't like that with Oli. How could she ever understand?

I couldn't even tell her who I was really texting. We decided to keep it a secret.

OK..so maybe I should rewind here for a moment.


Oli loved my song and ..well, we've been corresponding ever since. I even got an upgrade on my phone. Another thing I can't explain to Izzy.

"Would you just stop!" I bit back in a whisper shout. We were suppose to be minding the customers. Only there weren't that many. As it was, she was down and out with her boy. I dunno what was going on. "He's just a friend." I said about the mystery guy.

"A friend?" Izzy smirked back as if she didn't believe me. I was on my new iPhone, too much.

I sighed then and put it away.

Who knew when I'd ever see Oli, again.

He could make me feel so elated. Just words in a text. His voice on the phone. His smile on FaceTime.

Was it enough?

I was glad I wasn't in Izzy situation. Maybe this was the way to go. I wanted to stay happy. And I was.

I tried not to smile. Maybe I'd write on a song tonight. Or maybe, a little FACETIME with Oli. Even if it was 3 in the morning.

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