Thursday, October 2, 2014

an Andy Biersarck Imagine

REQUESTED Andy Biersarck Imagine

Requested Imagine for @fics69

It was the worst day possible. My brother was no longer with us. I suspected everyone had heard about him on the news. Actually, Andy was the last person I ever expected to see.

"Is that really you? Carolina?" His smile was genuine and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I couldn't help but respond as I let a slight smile slip. "God, you've grown up so much."

Before I knew it, he took my hands and it was electric. Finally, I felt awake.

It had all been so bleak and dark. I just wanted him to take me away from all this.

He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

"They may have gotten your brother, but they won't touch you." He promised even lip.

Yes, Andy killed a lot of vampires when he wasn't busy on tour. It was an unlikely skill, but he was after all rather nimble when it came to daggers and on the prey for the darkside.

"How did you even know this was happening." I shook my head. My brother was one of them now. Not trying to keep the blood thirst away.

He and Andy went way back. He'd been the drummer in his band once. Well, that was in high school.

"He always was a stoner at heart." Andy shrugged. "I not holding that against him. Its just..I don't want to judge. I'm sure they'd had an eye on him for a good long time now. And I feel really bad that I hadn't come home, before now." Andy looked so sad.

I bit my bottom lip as I looked down at my tired and dusty army boots. First they'd taken Mom and now Jason. Was I next?

"Why do they want my family so bad?" I could barely say above a whisper.

His thumb brought my chin to his attention.

"I dunno for sure."

When his firm lips touched mine, I felt truly we were in this together, and I wasn't alone anymore.

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