Friday, October 3, 2014

an Austin Mahone Imagine

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Nobody told me HE would be there. I mean, it was my friend's Ronica's party. Yeah, her silly 14 party. Well, you would have thought so with all those pathetic games going on. Granted, there were boys.

And when I saw HIM come in the backdoor, my mouth dropped open. God, I hope I wasn't drooling.

Actually, no one noticed, but me.

You know, all those silly boys laughing and being loud, occupying Ronica's time.

"What are you doing here?" I smiled.

"This is Rico Jenkin's house, isn't it?" He squinted.

"I dunno a Rico Jenkins." I squinted back.

His hands came over his bright eyes then as if he was the idiot.

"No, its OK." I promised. "Lets get out of here." After all, I'd spent most of a childish afternoon playing musical chairs and listening to 1 Direction on repeat. See, we were suppose to be dancing, but no one did.

Lets say I got my Austin out of their quick and had him all to myself in his car.


Honestly, I was sure I was day dreaming, but there we were going down the main street of my town.

"What were you going to do at Rico's?" I asked. As for now he knew I was TJ and needed some help around town.

OK, I will confess, I am not the best with directions, but then again..maybe I didn't want to be good with direction. I was with Austin Mahone.

"I was suppose to play at his step-sister's birthday party." He told me.

"Really?" Now I felt dumb. Did Ronica have a step-brother I didn't know about? Well, I didn't want to think real hard on the subject, but after all, I was in Austin's black sports car with the black leather seats.

I bit my bottom lip.

"What's the matter" He asked.

"Its nothing." I gritted. I took a deep breath. I was not going to dwell on Ronica's birthday party. No, today was my day with Austin. And we were going to all the places in town where no one would care to know him, but me.

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