Sunday, October 12, 2014

Harry & Jaime Imagine

SlashFlashFanFic #1

It wasn't one of those things that Jaime ever brought up in an interview. And Harry just hadn't gotten giddy enough to touch on it. the early days before somebody got a musical and the other one didn't know much about the X-Factor, they'd met after a show one night.

Naturally, Harry only sang at birthday parties, but he knew that wasn't where it was at.

No, he had a hankering to watch the Darling Buds. And well, it was more of a drinking party than anything else in that hole in the wall pub where they sang out back in the crisp autumn night.

No, Harry never got to sing with them. It was afterwards, when the night was practically morn that he shared a kiss with Jamie after the other boys left.

As it was Jamie might have been full of himself. Might not, but he did look like a rocker to Harry. So naturally, Harry did his best Mick Jagger impression. Guess who laughed in his face?

You got it. Jamie could have down right made Harry miserable, but they had a smoke instead and they were tight.

Besides it was getting down right frosty. Great for sleeping weather.

It was that night they shared a bed roll together. 

Dang, if that girl from SKINS didn't find them in the early sun, but she got them to her flat, washed'm up and caffeinated too.

"Boys, some day you'll be famous." She told them. "You, best behave yourself."

Of course, Jamie gave her a raw angst look. He had no idea what she was daft about.

"Are you, crackers?" Harry wanted to know. He didn't see that chance of happening. What did she care?

"Get your sweet little act together, Harry." She pursed her bottom lip as if she might be ready to do some PR on him.

"Right." That was not exactly in Jamie's contract at the moment. He gave her a leer. Naturally, she thought it was a suggestion for something more.

So she kissed him.

"Well..that isn't any fun at all." Harry winced. 

That's when something French happened.

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