Sunday, October 4, 2015

Boyfriend Tag - Hannah & Madds

The Boyfriend tag - Hannah & Madds

1. where did we meet?
Madds: I needed a book from the library. And there she was (Madds smiles)
Hannah: He really looked lost.

2. what was our first date?
Madds: It was an accidental date.
Hannah: I needed someone on my team for the pub quiz.

3. where was our first kiss and how was it?
Madds: That was no accident. It was a third date. I knew it better happen or it would never happen.
Hannah: He's a much better kisser, than I ever imagined (Hannah smiles)

4. did u know that i was the one
Madds: Naturally (He smiles to her and she smiles back)
Hannah: (Hannah holds his hand and smiles)

5. first impression?
Madds: Confident. Her smile was really out of this world, but it was the confidence I couldn't stop thinking about. You know, the way she moves. Her laugh. (He bites bottom lip)
Hannah: (Hannah smiles with a sigh)

6. when did u meet the family
Madds: Um, it wasn't until Thanksgiving( He winces) Not really a holiday I celebrate. My family is in Denmark and I thought her family was great, letting a foreigner like me join them. I met her grandmother, her brothers and her Mom and Dad. Her Mom makes the best Sweet Potato Pie.
Hannah: They all thought his accent was cute and couldn't believe he played soccer.

7. do we have a tradition
Madds: Well, there is the pub quiz. We go to one, at least once a month.
Hannah: We can have a good time with our friends.

8. what was our first roadtrip
Madds: We spent the day getting lost in Kansas. (He shrugs)
Hannah: We aren't very good with maps, but we found fields of was worth the trip.

9. who said i love u first and where were we
Madds: Um, I did. It was on her front doorstep. And it was dark..and when I said it.... The porch light came on.
Hannah: It was almost an out of body experience (Hannah laughs as she puts her hand over her mouth)

10. what do we argue about the most
Madds: I'm not sure we do. (He looks at her)
Hannah: Maybe ..what peanutbutter to buy. He likes crunchy and like smooth. (She shrugs)

11. who wears the pants in the relationship
Madds: I think its her.
Hannah: He's a push over. (she smiles and pushes his shoulder gently)

12. if im sitting in front of the tv what am i watching
Madds: Jeopardy. Its her dream to be on the show so she studies this show daily.
Hannah: (Hannah shrugs with a smile) I can't help it. I'm a librarian.

13. what dressing do i get on my salad
Madds: Oil and vinegar.
Hannah:(Hannah nods)

14. whats the one food don't i like
Madds: Um (Scrunches nose) Fish, she's not really into sea food. And I love really fresh seafood.
Hannah: I don't even like shrimp.

15. we go out to eat what do i get to drink
Madds: Iced tea with lemon. She has to have her lemon. And a straw. She never ever drinks from a glass.
Hannah: Oh, you make me sound so posh (Hannah smiles)

16. what size shoe do i wear
Madds: 7 (Doesn't sound sure as he winces)
Hannah: I wish (sticks out foot) I'm a sized 9.

17. if i was collecting anything what would it be
Madds: Books. She loves books. Especially old books. She will even smell them.
Hannah: Now I'm just sounding like a very weird hoarder (Hannah smirks)

18. what is my favorite type of sandwich
Madds: I would say (He thinks with a wince) BLT. Usually, turkey bacon.
Hannah: I love a good egg sandwich for breakfast too. (She nods)

19. what would i eat everyday if i could
Madds: A BLT. Its the only thing I've ever seen her make.
Hannah: I don't really cook. It either has to come from a box or something I can make in 20 minutes.

20. what's my fav cereal
Madds: Do you even eat cereal? (He looks at her)
Hannah: I'd rather have instant oatmeal. I usually eat it at breaktime int he morning.

21. what is my fav music
Madds: She loves the blues. (He smiles)
Hannah: He loves the blues more. (She smiles back, claiming she's learned a lot about blues music from Madds)

22. whats my fav sports team
Madds: I don't know if she has one.
Hannah: Maybe the Cowboys. My dad always loved the Cowboys (she shrugs)

23. what is my eye color
 Madds: They're golden. Its the best way I can describe them
Hannah: (Hannah bites a grin)

24. who is my best friend
Madds: I'm not sure. Maybe her work husband Neal or that girl at the counter that you work with -Nicole.
Hannah: You know, you are..(She nudges him in the shoulder and he smiles)

25. what is something that I do that you don`t like
Madds: I can't think of a thing (He shakes his head no)
Hannah: You know what it is (She teases)
Madds: OK, she snores in her sleep
Hannah: He talks in his sleep

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