Thursday, October 1, 2015

B's story prt. 2 Requested imagine

Requested Imagine prt.2

Instantly, my heart tensed. Why was Liam so mean? What did I ever do?

Here we were out in the dark brick hallway with only a few minutes to spare before the show. I could see in his eyes, how disgusted he was with me.

"He's not worthy of you, you know?" He swelled a frown.

"What?" I winced. Liam caught me off guard.

"I only want to protect you, don't you see?" His eyes were so intense, but I could hardly stare into them.

Next thing, I see a hand come over Liam's shoulder and pulls him away. A rumble of fists and arms lashed at each other.

The boys were in a shoving match.

"You! Really did it this time!" Naill pushed Liam back, but Liam pushed even harder and his teeth gnashed.

Luckily, I backed away, just in time. And who would put his arm around me?


Oh, he wasn't as thin as he used to be. Someone who ate a lot of muffins and scones had built a muscle mass.

"What's going on?" He wanted to know. He reminded me there was a show to go on.

"Don't ask me." I shrugged in disbelieve that these two would be in a fight, over me. Oh their pointy toed boots were aching to kick each other. Maybe even trip each other to the floor.

Naill was in a sweat. I'd have to do his make up over. I sighed.

Then Harry jumped in and pushed them apart. Yes, there had to be something said for the individual who was more bulked than I'd ever imagined.

"You two! Stop it brats! We've got a show to do! Now! We can't be late!" He glared at them both as he scrunched Liam's neck of his shirt.

About then Louis took over and put his arm around Naill. Louis rested his fore arm under Naill's chin. "We're MATES. We must stick together." He sighed.

"Let go, boys." Harry reminded him how important the fans were.

Still I sensed how tense Naill and Liam were. Both of them looked at me, but Harry pushed them on.

"Were they fighting over you?" Louis wanted to know as he passed me.

"Maybe." I was about to weep. "I didn't..I didn't mean..for it, to happen." I promised.

Louis sighed. "You, do look a wee bit like this school mate of Liam's. I've seen pictures. He really misses her. I mean, he says she's nothing more than a little sister to him." He went on.

I rolled my eyes. I didn't want to be anyone's little sister.

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