Thursday, August 27, 2015

Requested Imagine

REQUESTED Imagine prt.1

Bianca's Story:

"Make me beautiful, because you know..YOU always do." Naill's smile was broad. I have a feeling he knew it got to me every-time, but I was still a little timid with the mega makeup brush in my hand. I wasn't always here for his final touches in makeup.

See, we met over the summer when my cousin Gemma brought me along to help her with the boys . They are such rascals when it comes to getting them ready..for anything. Then just a week ago Gemma took leave. She desperately needed a vacation.

Of course, the last few months had taken a toll on the group. Everybody missed Zayn. Yeah, there had been a lot of highs and lows. Louis breaking up with El and then..well, it was still hush one would speak of it, but he was gonna be a Daddy soon. So yeah, things were changing for the band. And I, Bianca was the new makeup girl.

Of course, Naill had me in stitches. He always did. His laugh was infectious and I could listen to him talk way into the night after a concert. And sometimes, he did.

I mean, I'm not saying we were anything..because we weren't. But if he decided and maybe he would.. because I wanted more than being there for his final touches for his face....well..I was be his girl.

"You, are really something." I only smiled back, hoping I was as diligent as Gemma. After all, she'd taught me everything about makeup. How to keep it natural yet brilliant.

"What kind of something?" He grinned more.

"Oh, hush, you have to let me get this right." Just one finally touch on the eyelids. A golden brown would bring out his essence.

He grabbed my wrist. It just about took my breath away. For a moment everything stood still as I looked into his intense yet gentle eyes.

"What are you doing! Mate!" Liam walked in, on our silence that I knew I'd treasure forever, but couldn't because Liam pulled me away from  Naill. It was the last thing I ever expected. I winced, wishing I could go back only 30 seconds ago.

Yes, it was only a touch on the wrist, but it was the start of everything.

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