Thursday, December 31, 2015

a lil' fan fic

a lil' fan fic for @little-miss-rhapsody

The sun was so deceiving. The bitter cold made me rub my hands more. Thankfully, the bookstore was still open. I had plenty of time to browse before my blind date happened.

Yes, the old book store. I swear an old vampire runs the place. Always in a black turtle-neck and a black blazer too. And of course, his trusty maine coon at his side. He had free coffee today.

So I took mine with just a little cream and went straight to the back to look at the classics. Usually, I'd find something to occupy my time. If only I didn't have this date, but I'd promised my boss I'd do it. Her husband's son was visiting for winter break from college, and she'd ran out of ideas.

I could hardly think this was a good idea, but if I didn't want to have misery come Monday morning..I had to do it.

As it was though, I was on pins and needles. And nothing looked like a good book to me, even if I did find a couple of books by S.E. Hinton, I'd read ages ago.  Only a scowl slipped now, thinking, those books weren't even as good as I remembered.

And then...I got a tap on my shoulder and almost spilled my coffee.

"Do you read French?" He asked.

I might have winked, as I took a longer look at his lean face. I couldn't help but smile. And the book was so tiny. Tiny font, as well.

"I always wanted to watch the movie, but it never came out, in my neck of the woods." He shrugged. "And then after awhile, I forgot about it, but I think that girl who was in Wonderfalls is in the movie. She's French Canadian. So basically, this is French Canadian, not just French." He explained.

"Oh." I barely got out.

What in the world was Harry Styles doing here? Of course, I wasn't going to ask. I was going to be very calm and not scream like a little girl. Because I was a big girl and really didn't like boy bands, anymore. And here he was talking about a very obscure book, and..and well..I couldn't ask that dreadful question.

"You're Harry Styles aren't you?"

 I didn't. Actually, I wanted him to say something else...something more with a British accent. Had he been away from home so long, he'd lost it?

I might have scowled a bit then.

"What's wrong?" He wanted to know.

"Nothing." I was wide-eyed in this process of having him all to myself, even if the big black clock behind him, was forewarning me. Tick-Tock..blind date at 5 o'clock.

"So, do you think you could figure it out?"

"Possibly. I..I had a little French in school." Dang, if I didn't go on a bender and tell him all about my French play, that I'd written and acted in, my sophomore year with my very best friend Hal in high school. I had even won an award, but also got in trouble with his girlfriend because we had to kiss on stage.

"Well, then..." He smiled. "You shouldn't have any problem." His teeth were perfect, and I'm so sure we could be the best of friends. I so wanted to sigh about it, but I gritted a smile just a bit longer. "I should buy it for you."

"'s..that's OK." I hesitated. He didn't really know me. Why was I telling him about that stupid play I was in? "Maybe..maybe you could figure it out." Why couldn't I ask that one question I was dying to ask?

I wanted to let it be. To just be in this moment, but time was ticking, and we were at the counter, before I knew it.

He kept smiling. I was very warm now. I didn't even need my sweater.

I could just imagine US, going out in the cold, holding each other in an abundance of warmth, dancing our way in little circles to the next place. Was it really was 5 o'clock?

Well, my blind date could wait.  I kept watching HARRY. Possibly, with my head in the clouds, cause I really didn't know what he was doing. He paid for the book and handed it to me.

"Thank you." He smiled. so honest. So sincere.

"For what?" I was so much more dazed and confused than I even knew.

He held a little laugh under his breath.

"You're really sweet and genuine..make sure to let him know this." He gave me a wink with a nod.

I couldn't think of a reply. I didn't know he was actually going.

The door jingled.

"Liz right?" Said a voice, like a wake up call.

There was Nate, but he was no Harry Styles. And you know who was gone.

I looked at the front page of the book. Harry left me a note in French. I couldn't believe it.

"Are you OK?" Nate asked.

Well, of course. I couldn't stop smiling.

As luck would have it, Nate thought I was smiling at him. I'd do my best to be sweet and genuine. Although, I couldn't wait to get home and read the note Harry left me.

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