Thursday, December 24, 2015



Recently, LETS KISS caught up with Halsey on an outing with One Direction's very own Harry Styles. As you may know, Halsey has been connected to Justin Bieber and that special someone from 5SOS. Oh, and lets not forget irresistible Matty from  The 1975.

LETS KISS: Mind if I ask how you two met?

HALSEY: I was waiting for the bathroom at an after party, and he brought me a drink.

HARRY: We chatted a bit in the loo, among other things. (he grins) Its been far too long since I found a bird in the loo. (he shrugs)

HALSEY: And then we hung out and talked about what we liked to write songs about. And believe me, Harry-boy needs lots of help when it comes to song writing. (Halsey smiles and loops her arm around Harry.)

LETS KISS: So is it true? You two? A real celebrity couple?

HALSEY: I really hate labels. (She pouts)

HARRY: I've really gotten used to them over the years. I mean, yeah, I really did play the dating game when I was a boy, but now..well, its really quite useless. (He shrugs, but then kisses Halsey on the cheek) It's absolutely casual.

HALSEY: You know, its really all about the music. You know, the experience. That's where its at.

LETS KISS: So no more Matty?

HALSEY: I dunno. (She laughs. Too cool to admit anything. She whispers something in Harry's ear. He hands her a cigarette. The homemade kind BTW)

LETS KISS: Is there any truth you had a one night stand with Justin Bieber?

HALSEY: (Laughs more and Harry laughs with her) Oh, if you only knew what we did in the back of his van. (She tries to keep the laugh in) I promised I would never tell.

HARRY: But I can say...She loves tea in bed and a bowl of Rice Krispies for a late night snack. (Harry sighes, puts his arm around Halsey. They have no more time for any more questions from LETS KISS)

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