Tuesday, October 6, 2015

throat-cut runaways

Cutthroat Runaway's Contest!


You know, zombies can really wreck a relationship. I mean, seriously, all Thomas and I do is yell at each other, anymore.

Yeah, I finally let my guard down with the pink wonder, when we found the mall while Thomas decided to stay and work on the pickup truck we'd found.

Granted, there was no electricity, but man, we did find some cool stuff at HOT TOPIC. For once, things were going my way.

Honestly, I'll let you in on a little secret..I might as well be the group's fearless leader. I mean, no one else can carry a sword quite like I can. And I'm rather swift on my feet. I think Pink knows that by now.

And she's not a princess, either, even if she tries to act like one.

However, she seems to think she has a cure to all this zombie craze going on. So yeah, I gave her a listen, how she's all alone on this mission, trying to get to her Gram's basement to find this box. Just a fancy purse with possibly real jewels on it. ..and in it... is something that is suppose to keep us from being zombies..even if one of us were to get bitten.

And then we dyed my hair.


Well, Thomas woke up with a head ache and wasn't all pleased to see me as a ginger, a bright one at that!

"What's gotten into you?" He swelled a frown. He looked at me, then he looked at Pink. Doppelgangers!

I wanted to explain our plan right away, but he was in a tizzy.

"Look what I got you?" True, our quarters are crude and make shift. in the back of an old gas station, and it smells like gas but I'd found him his all time favorite band shirt. FALLOUT BOY.

He scowled, as if he could not get out of this funk.

"First you go and get that red hot doo, and now this.... I never said I like them." He snarled.

"Oh." Maybe I was thinking of someone else.

"What's the plan with you and Pinkie?" He wanted to know. Of course, he went on to tell me that he didn't think Pink liked him very much. Had I forgotten that she'd tried to kill him?

"She didn't know us then. She knows us now." I shrugged  as I went to check our stockpile of jerky and protein bars in our backpack.

"And YOU THINK you know her?" He looked at me as if I'd really lost it.

"I'm getting there." I took the liberty of pulling that old thing, he was wearing, and put the new shirt on him. "Now, isn't that better?" My smile was sunny as it could get, in the late afternoon.

"NO IT ISN'T." He jerked the shirt back over his head and his hair was standing in a sweet mess.

I couldn't help but to look pleased. After all, I had him, right where I wanted. So I kissed him before he could start anything.

"It'll all be fine." My hands were on both sides of his face, as I studied him close. "All we have to do is find this box at her Gram's house."

"Its never that simple. It can't be that simple." He pressed his lips tight as he pulled away.

"Fine." I gave his dirty shirt back to him. I turned to stare at the sunlight peeking through the grim windows. There would be a zombie soon. I just knew, to whack out of its misery. "I know people are after her. They think she has the key. That's why I dyed my hair." I looked back at him, "To keep her safe."

He closed his eyes gently. This time when he kissed me, I knew he believed in me. Still.

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