Saturday, January 23, 2016



There is that dizzy moment when I didn't think it was possible, we'd ever get this far.

I mean, after all, it had been such a long time. Cold. Finally winter..and of course, the holidays.

But it had been a while. High school.

You said we were through, and I cried about it for such a long time. You, even ruined graduation for me.

I think what a fool I was then, believing everything you said. As if I were the only one.

And then the holidays arrived.

How could I expect it to be any different? You, always had a knack of breaking up for a major holiday, then weeks later, finding a way back into my heart.

But it was different this year.

Maybe your heart did grow fonder.

Oh, how I hate love sick stories. I wanted to give you the silent treatment, but we did things to each other, anyway. Kissing. Touching. Meeting in the park. Even ice skating.

And now you're gone, again.

This time, I'm vowing everlasting peace without you, but there is Valentines day to get through, and of course classes.

Yes, it was good times. That's all there was to it.

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