Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!


This is for @fashioncrazy11
Bianca's Story: LAST PART

"Are you feeling up to it?" Liam wanted to know.

My smile went from small to ecstatic.

Was it true? We'd been going out for the last few months. Not that I was marking the days on the calendar. Since some of the time, he was off to this country and that one, with the band.

Liam was the here and now. It was Valentines Day.

I followed him down the path in the park. Signs of spring were every where. Oh, it was bright and sunny. It was as if winter was truly behind us, and I had him all to myself.

Of course, he took my hand. I was no little sister to him now. His lips caressed my cheek.

"You, isn't boring?" He wanted to know with a whisper. 

"What?" I couldn't help but want to hit him on the arm, hard..but I resisted. Instead, his strong body edged against mine. Yes, I did feel his warmth and it was genuine. I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather be next too.

We found us a spot on the outdoor theater in the park. I got out the cupcakes and drinks. It was the beginning of our private celebration.

His smile was dazzling and I was content, smiling back.

He reached in the pocket of his cardigan and handed me a little box. 

"Something, to let you know I haven't forgotten you are the one who stole my heart." His words thrilled me as I cuddled closer.

The ring was so lovely. It didn't matter the cost. Its worth was golden to me. Finally, it was knowing I was with my boyfriend. 

Our future looked so bright.

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