Thursday, June 9, 2016


GRACE'S CONTEST//Round 1//Ellie


Who knew it would end this way? What I thought was an ending, turned out to be a beginning. After all, some things don't end so easily.

But I always knew what was important. Even if my mother said I didn't. She didn't want to hear it.

No, no one wanted this happiness more than us. I guess I should have listened. Hadn't I always did what I wanted? I didn't need anyone's permission.

It was that day...that day in the park..I finally knew...YOU..were not coming.

It might have been your mother that kept you home. Maybe the family was certain... to keep me in my place.

But we'd been so happily. We could be happy.

I kept thinking the baby would look like you. I dreamed it. Perhaps, I wanted to see it through.

Rumor has it, a gang of girls was chasing me. It isn't so. No, the crash came out of nowhere. I wasn't thinking.

 Before I knew it, I was on the ground bleeding.

I was clearly not thinking.

Even now, I wonder if  I'm seriously thinking. Despite, the blood, being hurried along.

Still, it was a rescue. Jay remembered me from Family Basics Class. Perhaps we went left instead of right. I was only going to stay the night at his grandmother's.

If I go home, I know what the answer will be. So I opted for the free clinic. Jay by my side.. everything checked out fine. Yet, nothing will ever be fine. Will it?

The paperwork in place. A lie. A life. Without you.

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