Wednesday, April 20, 2016

spring forward

Spring Forward

❀ spring forward ❀

This is my submission for issue 24
@unkool ❀ #unkoolsubmission

This is a tough issue...springing forward.

Especially, when this happened to me over the summer.

You might find yourself in a rut in life and not know it. But then something extra-ordinary happens. Where things change. Especially, when you've been with a significant other for quite a long time. And you were certain this would always be what you knew.

You have to face the fact..Nothing last forever.

Now, I know that sounds like a negative. And believe me, when someone tells you that HE wants to do something different in his life, and its not moving to a bigger and better apartment...well, the air can be knocked right out of you. Leaving you speechless.

Especially, when HE says, "Its got nothing to do with you. I just have to do this on my own." And three weeks later he's on his own little odyssey across the country..and he's not going exactly where he said he was going.

But..he's all. "Oh yeah, we're still tight." HE just wants to be out there doing his music with other people. Which means, he sells stuff, leaves you with the rent. Then comes that little comment, "Don't worry..I'll be back." have no idea when.

So he goes on his way in his car, to a destination unknown.

And, when you are the only one left to worry...everything can be so sad, all around you.

Needless to say, nobody found him in Hollywood, even if he did panhandle there. Luckily, we kept communicating. HE found that he didn't really like traveling so much, search of free camp grounds. HE didn't care for the beach. HE did not like life in California. And he found his way back.

So, what's the big deal? You, might ask...

Truly, it was like starting everything all over.

Especially, since he quit his job.

1. We have learned to be even more thrifty than we already are.

2. We drink our coffee from a coffee dripper now, and we use the liner, like four times in the morning.

3. He doesn't do social media, anymore. This was the guy who loved his computer, and gaming. He used to bring parts home, he'd find in the trash, to rebuild a computer. Now, he'd rather make his own pizza dough or make a fresh stir-fry.

4. He has two jobs instead of one, at the moment. Thankfully, I didn't have to change jobs.

5. We feel more like family than we did before. We are much more patience with each other.  Yes, he still plays his music, but mainly for the pleasure of it, on his old guitar, at home.

To start anew means being diligent. Perhaps seeing how far you can survive on the barest essentials. It isn't creating selfies everyday, yet finding your own self-reliance.

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