Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lydia goes to a frat party

Lydia Goes to a Frat Party

It was Delia's idea. Of course, Lydia immediately agreed. Even said it would be cool. Naturally, geeky Yuri, from her math class looked at her puzzled, when Lydia said she was going. Although, Yuri didn't say it would be a bad idea.

"Aren't you going?" Lydia asked one last time as school was letting out on Friday.

"I wasn't invited." Yuri responded, practically closed mouth. She held her finger up to her lips as if she'd zipped her mouth completely.

Lydia winced, thinking Yuri was her best friend. She'd feel half-naked without her. Suddenly, she felt troubled because she didn't know Delia, that well.

Actually, it was a pain to hang out with her. Still, Delia had a car. And yeah, Delia was much cooler than Yuri. So, Lydia would keep her wits about her. And she wouldn't pick up Lydia, until after nine ...anyway.

"Be ready to party!" Delia's smile was broad. Her lips already lush. Lydia sucked in a breath. It was true, she was already out of her element, but she'd have to keep her wits about her.

Lydia got the bright idea to try to nap when she got home, but all she could think about were Delia's lips. It was aggravating yet alluring. She hated the fact she'd think so much about the mixed girl's face and curves.

She winced hard, was it true, she had a thing for Delia?

She winced a wink, thinking it would be impossible. This was making her a nervous wreck. So of course, Lydia was just in her skinny jeans and casual when Delia came to pick her up.

"Girl, what's going on with you?" Delia wanted to know as she picked up speed in the beat-up Chrysler as it went around the corner. Lydia gritted a smile as she felt the force of the speed hold her back on the imitation leather seat.

There was a lot on her mind. Lydia felt so guilty. She'd lied to her mother. Possibly, even to Yuri too.

But..she was on the thresholds of adulthood. And there they were, right in the middle of the mix. Loud music thumping, massive guys drinking it up and laughing it off. Lydia thought for a moment she was drowning in the middle of the ocean.

Thankfully, Delia took her hand and lead the way. Soon enough they had a wine cooler in hand.

It was sweet yet toxic. But Lydia stood tall in the stifling laughter. And then she saw the ultimate thing coming toward Delia. A Medusa of sorts.

Lydia couldn't be sure if it were a man or woman, but it swallowed Delia whole. Even if it were only a kiss.

Lydia couldn't blink. She couldn't talk. Most of all laugh. She put the wine to her lips. It burned her tender throat. Suddenly, she felt so numb.

When she awoke in the crowd a few minutes later, he was in front of her.

"Hey." His mouth moved. His pale hair in his eyes.

Lydia felt her skin perspiring. She felt like a wreck. Her feet stuck to the sticky floor.


He motioned for her to come out. She couldn't. Finally... He grabbed her wrist and showed her the way.

Soon they were out on the front porch and the coolness of spring was still in the dead of winter. Lydia shivered.

"You, look kind of lost." His smile was open.

Lydia remained straight lipped. No way would she come undone in the presence of something so remotely..beautiful. Her heart was suddenly crushed.

What was she doing here? Delia could have come all on her own. What was she trying to prove?

Lydia nursed her bottom lip as she looked the guy over. Certain he was more of a foe than a friend.

"Do you know how much... you look like Brad Pitt?" Suddenly, the question surfaced before she could make it stop.

There was a silence. He sipped his beer and looked at her ever so serious.

"How much?" He wanted to know.

"Well..." she stammered. Obviously, she was a little drunk. She straightened her body ever so a-lined with the moon and the stars. "uh..a whole lot." She then decided.

He just grinned. As if he knew this already.

Lydia felt a little of herself quaver, but not completely. She'd give him hell before he ever had a chance to touch her.

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