Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Do something Good


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I'm not sure I have any cool answers, but as I grandmother once told me while I was a Senior in high school. "I think its time, you went to the old folks home."

Of course, I shot her a luck and hugged myself hard. "What are, you talking about?"

I guess she was tired of me venting too much about certain classes, where I felt I was at the bottom of the glass. I actually did make a trip to the old folks home with her. And it was very enlightening. And I made a friend or two in the process.

Actually, she was trying to tell me to volunteer more. It is true, it does make you feel better to help those in need. That doesn't mean you have to be a superhero. Just helping with sandwiches in brown bag lunches for the homeless can be a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends, find new causes that eventually become dear to you.

If you don't feel comfortable in those situations, you could stay at home and crochet caps for infants, or even wild life refuge need a crocheted nest.

But if that isn't your cup of tea, Universities would probably love for you to help with bilingual activities for  young and old. Recently, a co-worker decided she would love to teach after all, after helping out with a Hispanic Children's program in the city.

And the library always in need of volunteers, especially with children and young adult programs. Also, mending books is a skill you can learn right at the library.

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