Friday, March 4, 2016

Harry's French Twin

Orion and Harry

Recently, KISS INTERVIEW found Harry Styles and his French twin, Orion hanging out in London.

KISS: How does it feel to find out you're connected to a pop star?

ORION: I'm not sure I feel much about it. Its really crackers, as they say over here. Who would have f*ck'n thought up, such crap? I mean, we will never be in the same circles. I'm more into industrious sound and the revolution of old school punk. I mean, its my life, you know.

HARRY: Crackers! (Harry beams) I like that. He's so cool.

(Orion rolls his eyes at that.)

ORION: As if, the dude would know what the word COOL meant. Whatever. (Orion lights up and its not an ordinary cigarette) I live my a new Johnny Rotten. Except, I'm into gays. (He grins. His smile is open)

HARRY: Yeah, and he's my brother, man. (Harry smiles back. Slaps his hand on Orion's back, who looks at him, as if he better watch it.)

KISS: Will you two ever think of recording together?

ORION: Have you heard his voice? (Orion glares and takes a draw from his homemade cigarette. Blows smoke up in the air.) I don't think so.

HARRY: I don't think he gets me. (Harry shrugs with a goofy smile)

ORION: (His eyes are wide open with a slight scowl on his long, yet tender face) What's there to get? Who wants kiddies? Screaming, where ever you go? Such a sad life, at that. I mean, I want my fans. Real fans, who want my named tattooed to their arse. Yeah, now that's fandom. People who really believe in your art. (Orion is back to smoking his cigarette. Maybe, even thinking of a lyric to a new PUNK song.)

HARRY: (He smiles and gazes at his fraternal twin) He's so cool. I hope we can catch up, in Tokyo.

ORION: (Glares back at Harry, as if he's got better things to do).

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