Saturday, August 27, 2016


Day 3: Unrequited Love. Write About The Emotions Felt And/Or The Aftermath. Does Not Have To Feature You.

Day 3 Writing Challenge

I was certain I'd faint in front of you. I almost did on the sidewalk near the old drug store. I was eating an apple, your head was in a book. Naturally, it was Harry Potter, and you were wearing your own Harry Potter attire. I smiled. You didn't notice. And then something happened. I practically fell in front of you, and you caught me.

Yes, it was so miraculous. You smiled. I'd never seen you smile before. Nor seen your beautiful fingers reach for me. I couldn't help but laugh.

"What's so funny?" Those intense eyes of yours still get to me.

"Nothing." I was closed mouth about it. I knew it would mean nothing to you.

Soon, we sat next to each other in class. Maybe a few knew I adored you. After all, it was me..who gave you all those treats. I was afraid your brain wouldn't work properly if you didn't have a sucker, here and there... waiting for you, at your locker. Yes, I even figured out the combination  and filled it with anonymous love notes.

I guess I was a stalker and didn't really know it.

But you laughed at my essay answers. You found it hilarious to read them aloud to the class. You also told me I couldn't spell, either. Only, it didn't matter. I'd made you smile. I'd made you laugh. That alone was a feeling of joy to great heights I'd never felt. While my other friends were thinking of dates at the movies with fellows they'd met online. A few of those guys were almost a decade older than you.

I didn't care. I'd rather think of you. I didn't care to go to a party or drive around town with guys who were already in college.

No, maybe you were my savior of sorts. Maybe, even a genie in a bottle. Yes, I thought of you every night when I went to sleep. What adventures would we go on tonight?

I heard you once, arguing with your younger brother. You even swore, which I couldn't believe. Devin would know such words?

And then..that one time, you were all alone in a closet by the science lab, going at it with words of thunder. I'd never know just who you were angry with.

Of course, I did get sidetracked back then. I accidentally, started seeing the blond afro-guy who would later be killed in a car-wreck.

I'm not sure it was actually a romance. He confessed his love, right away. I must have been dumb-founded.

Yes, I knew how he wanted to kill himself. I couldn't reject him. But you would never know this.

Still, it would have been good to know why someone so different would like me, and you didn't.

He said I was a good listener. And there I'd waited so long to listen to you.

When I look back now, I know I never really knew you. Maybe you were never quite as smart as I thought you were. Possibly, you were an idiot, after all.

Word Count: 513

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