Friday, August 19, 2016

Writing challenge

Day 1: A Magic Room And Your OC. Think About: What Is The Room? What Kind Of Person Is Your Character? What Is In The Room/What Does The Room Do?


Avi always liked the old church, only he wasn't Catholic. In fact, he wasn't sure he was religious, at all. Still the old place was like a magnet. He'd discovered it while out on a bike ride.

True, it was trashed and much of the statues were coated with earthy residue, but it felt like home. Although, he didn't spend much time in the sanctuary. No, the heart of the place was the attic which wasn't all that noticeable from the inside. In fact, it took quite a few trips to discover the haven.

He'd slipped into the old place when he'd failed the test his mom was certain would change his life. No way, would he ever be the student she wanted him to be.

Instead, he felt a calm refuge here. Yes, he could sleep with such calmness in the old attic, full of ancient books.

Of course, he didn't disturb them, at first. He was certain he could make a home here, if given the chance.

But there was work at the little grocery store and deliveries to make with the newspapers.

Avi was certain he might be the oldest newspaper boy in town. Awkward and ordinary. It was amazing he existed at all. There was nothing clever about him. Perhaps, it was his own doing.

Still, he'd found the attic, his home away from home. It was as if it was calling his name. Dank, dark and such a mystery, like an archaic library.

Clearly, he didn't know why he came, everyday. Perhaps to sleep. To be alone, away from a nagging mother who wanted more than he could offer.

And then one day, he awoke, noticing the glowing book in the dust.

Anyone, would tell him he'd surly die here in the old moldy place. But it was clear to him, he could see his name on the book.

When he opened it, the first page read in huge letters I'VE BEEN WATCHING YOU.

This thrilled and frightened Avi, at the same time. What could it mean? Should he run or should he stay?

Before he could ponder much about it, through the cracks of the shelves of timeworn books, something shimmered, maybe slivered. And then she appeared to him, so golden with majestic wings.

"Where are you going, Avi?" She said.

As much as Avi wanted to look away, he couldn't. She was mesmerizing.

"Don't leave me now." Her voice was sweet and haunting, but did he dare trust it?

Oh, she might as well have been an amber, waiting to light his heart. His soul ached for adventure. Avi knew he'd found it, and she existed in the walls of this old church.

word count: 450

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