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round 5

GRACE'S CONTEST//Round 5//Ellie


GRACE'S CONTEST//Round 5//Ellie

DATE: 8-11-16
WRITING: Fiction // Short

|| bohemian girl ||

I don't think I ever knew them. They gave me a name. That was about the extent of it, and the rein of the garden.

Yes, when I was younger the invisible friends would come for a tea-party, perhaps. Sometimes, they would stay the night and tell me of places I had not been.

I know they were only stories now, in my head. But... it was never a lonely place.

Oh, if I'd met a prince..I doubt my problems would be over. As it was... the years wore on. The fights. The fires. No water. No food. Yet the stars prevailed long after the garden died.

And the old Indian found me. In another life he was younger. Now he was older. Probably not wiser. If I hadn't won that game around the campfire, he'd probably sold me to the Frenchman.

Can't say I'm lucky. Maybe all the secrets are still in the garden. How did I not know? Life was so good then.


[ Extra Credit Round 5 ]

•Color theme: Your favorite color!
{yes, I like blue and browns and earthy colors, as well as pink}

•Scenes from writing in set: (like, if your writing describes the ocean have a picture of the ocean in the set)

•Fillers: A cactus, a waffle, pearl earrings, a lace bralette, paint.

•Hashtag in set: ( #contestbyGrace ) (The hashtag must be in the actual set, not the description. Otherwise you will receive no points.)

•Photos: A painting by Vincent Van Gough, a bridge, a shirt collar, a greenhouse, a campfire.

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