Thursday, August 18, 2016

Live Well

To everything...turn..turn..turn..

Recently, I was talking to a teacher friend about how she gets organized before the fall. Of course, she has to get ready earlier than most. Still, a lot of us are getting ready for school. It might be time for lots of new things. Even a lunch box.

She says she does lot projects around her apartment. For starters. Its good to think ahead before its sweater weather. Time to go through those closets.

My other friend takes many of her nicer items (she doesn't want to wear anymore) to a consignment shop. Remember, to find out their rules if you want to sale your clothes.

Of course, some of us.. are out bargain hunting. Every year, I start my hunt for the perfect cardigan. Usually, its thrifted. I look for clothes I feel most comfortable in, around the apartment. Some years, are better than others, for this hunt.

Recently, I found an item that has been on my list for ages, a scarf that will take me through fall into winter. Also, I use it for a pattern. I like to crochet for the most part, and it makes a great visual to work from. I found a gigantic knitted scarf on clearance at FOREVER21. It was a nice surprise. I wasn't even looking for one.

Seriously, its this time of year to make sure to get those annual things done. All sorts of check-ups, from your health to your car. Its good to think ahead.

I live in the mid-west and sometimes, fall feels more like an Indian summer, don't want to be caught in a freaky blizzard. So I try to have new windshield wipers and carry a blanket and a flashlight in the trunk.

So its never too late to make those lists, de-clutter and make life easier for when those changes do happen.

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