Sunday, August 14, 2016

First Love

@gracefullyfalling ~ #contestbyGrace
DATE: 7 - 21 - 16
ROUND: four
WRITING: fiction short

|| First Love ||

We would never be friends. It was the first thing he said on my arrival at the farm, so many summers ago. In fact, he locked the screen door so I couldn't get in. Then I did the same, when I had a chance. We were two cousins never wanting to know, exactly how we got there.

Chance let it slip. Yes, it was a threat by the waterfall. He said he'd drown me, like his father drowned his mother. Dunno, if that's true or not, but it kept me on my toes. That was the summer I thought Chance was the meanest boy I ever met.

Still, we made ice cream soup, even tried the dog's food, which we claimed tasted like toast. Sometimes, we got hungry when all there was to eat, but turnip greens and cornbread. Yet, we survive. Sun beating down. Oh, could we sweat, carrying those rocks to the edge of the field.

And then, we got it in our heads, we could work together. We could find our own forest. Make our own fort.

He was a pirate, I was not quite his princess. Still, I was his partner in summer. Especially, on stage, in the woods. Our stories came alive. We were actors, following each other's lead. We were each others stars.

And I loved him then. And I love him now.

Those days are long gone. I moved to the city. The farm got sold. But no matter where I go, I know there is only one love so brilliant and divine. It has nothing to do with kisses, yet vibrant and alive. First LOVE.


[ Extra Credit Round 4 ]

•Color theme: Forest Colors (green, brown, ect.) {yes}

•Scenes from writing in set: (like, if your writing describes the ocean have a picture of the ocean in the set) {yes}

•Fillers: Lavender, tickets, hairspray, toast/bread, poetry book. {5/5}

•Hashtag in set: ( #contestbyGrace ) (The hashtag must be in the actual set, not the description. Otherwise you will receive no points.) {yes}

•Photos: A waterfall, a field, the sky, an old truck, a tent. {5/5}

-Ellie @elliewriter

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