Sunday, August 7, 2016

Josie meets Josie

Josie Meets Josie

"Josie!" The sales clerk noted. Immediately, Josie bumped shoulder to shoulder with a girl who wasn't much bigger than her. Only, she was fit and definitely had the strength that Josie lacked.

"Oh, sorry," she said, as she looked Josie over. "Is your name Josie, too?"

"Yeah," Josie smiled.

The clerk then told Josie, they didn't have the boot in her size. Josie couldn't help to frown. Her feet even grew, after she had the baby. She hugged herself, tightly.

"They never have my size, either." The other Josie shrugged. "Lets face it, most girls have big feet, these days." She mentioned how tiny her grandmother's feet were. "And my mom is even a size smaller than me."

Josie nodded. She guessed it wasn't a big deal. Besides, she was here to buy clothes, all on her own. Henry was home with the baby.

The other Josie mentioned she was passing through. "Can you believe it, I've never been to a Forever 21 before." Of course, it was the outlet mall. "I usually thrift. Although, my friend back home, keeps telling me I should change my wardrobe. You know, adult..a little." She smiled then. "But I like to be comfortable."

Josie knew the meaning of a comfortable wardrobe. These days, she couldn't even find her bra, but she wouldn't discuss that with Josie.

"I just had a baby." Josie sighed.

"Seriously." The dark-eyed girl looked at her, shocked. "You, don't look it."

"Really?" Josie squinted, thinking the girl was only being nice. "I really have been trying. Walking, exercising everyday. I even drink my coffee black." Josie told her how much she missed cream in her coffee.

"Oh, you wouldn't know, how often I have to keep away from Starbucks." The other Josie admitted she did love iced coffee. "But the calories." She shook her head. "It gets expensive, too."

They looked at some short shift dresses, then. But the other Josie went straight to the plaid shirts.

"I can't boycott what I love." She then admitted, plaid was her favorite. "And skinny jeans."

Josie smiled too. Maybe she would get a shift dress, but she liked plaid, as well.

"Plaid never goes out of style." Josie assured her. The other Josie smiled and took one. This was the only item she needed.

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