Monday, August 1, 2016

um, about last night

Week 4! This week's prompt is

It seemed like a good idea yesterday. We were so in-sync. Actually, Ash never looked better. I suppose it was in his smile. Or maybe it was the Soju bombs, he made so well. Or it might have been my laugh.

We might have been a little too close. After all, I'd never kissed my best friend before. Cause, he's pretty stuck up, about those kind of things.

Of course, I dunno how many times he's told me I'm a little too slutty for his like'n, but what does this butthead know?

Yes, we fuss more than anything. No one knows, why we're friends. Everyone says he's trying to change me.

OK, so I dropped out my second semester in college and decided I'd wait tables and work at a salon. I just need to get myself together.  After all, he's an intern at this big cooperation.

And just when I thought he'd forgotten about me...

Damn, he has some amazing abs, along with a few other assets. I know, I 'm not suppose to know these things.

We talked about tattoos. Danced in the fountain where he works. So many laughs. At one time, I thought we were singing in the rain.

Only, that was yesterday.

I feel a headache coming on. My gut tells me I should come clean, but I'll have to throw up first.

I don't think he wears underwear.

AND THIS RING, won't come off! Jesus! Its stuck!

I can hear it now. I am the worst thing that ever happened to him.

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