Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ellie's Horror Film Challenge

Something Tragic Happens. Set 4

Set four: Something tragic happens, almost killing the main character. However, someone else has been murdered. Who is it? (face claim) Did the main character know this person? Explained what happened in description.
-main character face claim
Its another busy day. Actually, its getting dark but Eli is still at work in the mailroom. He is getting ready to leave, but his co-worker Matt stops him.

"Hey man, how about a beer and some chili fries?" Matt smiles. "We could even do some karioke afterwards, if you've got the time." He starts to put his hand on Eli's shoulder, but Eli looks at his hand as if he best not do that. He backs of way, with his satchel secured and heads out of the building.

"When's he ever gonna get over, after the last time we went out." Matt remarks. "I thought he liked me."

Eli is focused on finding his route home. He walks, but he doesn't get to far until he notices something falling from the tall building close to where he works, and he sees another co-worker who is Matt's best friend. Bridget. She's a strawberry blond in chunky heels and quite fashionable, even if she is too fashion forward in stripes and leopard print. He grabs her out of the way before a grand piano slams down on a person walking close to Bridget.

Both catch their breath. Bridget is frightened. Eli is startled, but he holds her tight for a moment as if he's someone else. Not timid Eli who is frightened of everything.

"What the hell just happened?" Bridget looks at him as if someone is out to murder her.

"Sorry." Eli barely manages.

"No." She winces. "Thank you." She holds on to him as he tries to let go. She says that was a freaky accident.  Eli nods.

"You, don't think anyone is out to hurt me?" She can't understand why they would. After all, she's practically girl Friday. "I barely get minim wage."

Eli only smiles, deciding, it was just a freak accident.

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