Monday, October 10, 2016


Cast. Set 3

Eli: (Park Min Woo) Korean born but moved to New York City when he was small. His dad owns a well established fashion company. Although, Eli has never been part of the fashion industry. After a traumatic experience with his best friend being abducted, he's never quite recovered. Naturally, co-workers aren't quite sure what his problem is. Perhaps, he's smarter than he looks.

Bridget: (Holland Rowland) His accidental new friend who hopes to be a fashion designer one day, but is just an errand girl, for the most part.

Connor:(Jung Eui-Chul) His father's right hand man, but does he have a dark side too?

Dr. Jo-Hansen:(Danielle Panabaker) A doctor who Eli ends up seeing after a certain situation happens.

Jake: (Do Kyung-soo) Flashback friend who was abducted by men in suits. Did they abduct the wrong child?

Matt: (Matthew Daddario) Co-worker who might be more interested in Eli than he even knows.

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