Saturday, September 17, 2016

girls supporting girls

just a good friend of mine


Chances are, you may have a friend who's changing genders. One classmate, that I've always thought the coolest, especially, in her Goth days is now Eli. Its amazing how he made the changes so drastically and of course, it was easiy to follow his lead. I didn't see a trace of Kelsey, anymore. Although, I didn't really know it was coming. Still, I'm glad he made the changes he did. Granted, I don't see him everyday, but I do feel his lifestyle is fitting and we have remained friends.

I also have a co-worker who is trans and we've had to adjust to a new name. Emily. Perhaps, this was the hardest for me. 

I dunno how many times, I've been asked if Geoff was my husband. Finally, I shrugged and thought..oh, just my work husband. 

Still, I knew he wasn't happy in his relationship. I kept thinking if Geoff found a guy to date, he would be so much happier. But, that wasn't it at all.

No, the hormones have made Emily moody. She told us it would, in a meeting. As the months rolled  on in to a new season, so did the body changes happen. Then the dresses and the high heels. Honestly, Emily has a fantastic wardrobe. Even... if everything is pink.

But, I shall confess its the hardest to still think of Geoff as Emily. 

Maybe, I miss that guy. Although, we didn't get along when he was Geoff, and we don't always get along when she is now Emily. 

The truth is, friends are going to fuss. A day or two of silence. And then Emily will say, "Lets do lunch." Then I'm in. As always I do the driving. Emily loves to try new places.

Emily says her relationship is more solid than before. Although, I'm still not sure what Geoff's former girlfriend would say to that. Now they are roommates.

Its not always easy to support your friends, but you have to try. Listen. You never know, you might find out who they really are.

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