Saturday, September 3, 2016

Day 5

Day 5: A World Where Sharks Swim In The Forest...And You/Your OC Is Lost In The Woods

Day 5 Writing Challenge

I thought for sure he'd know what to do, by the looks of him. However, Blackie was a city boy, through and through.

"You, were the one who wanted to go all this way... to the country." Blackie turned to me as if I'd really taken us off the beaten path this time.

"What were we going to do?" I looked back at him bug-eyed. "Haven't you listened to the news?"

Here we'd go again, fuss our way to Tenbucktoo, evidently. Yeah, everything Blackie and I did was an adventure.

We'd met during a brownout last summer. There had been a driveby and we'd watched it unfold while we were eating melting Popsicles on the street. Unfortunately, neither one of us were all that smart when it came to remembering anything.

A little weed, might have had something to do with it. But hey, some really terrible s h i t   was happening these days in the city.

"Juno, you were just making it up." Blackie shook his head. "It was only a tornado." At the moment it was clear skies and an open road. In fact, we weren't fighting traffic, after all these miles.

"ONLY A TORNADO!" I shot back. No way was I gonna share my MONSTER drink with Blackie now. "I told y o u  what I saw!"

"Well, I hadn't seen one since we left." He sighed as his knuckles shown white, steadying the stirring wheel in his faithful black jeep named Elsa.

"You, never know when it might happen." How many times did I need to go over this, with this man-boy of mine? "Its even on the Internet."

Naturally, Blackie didn't give it much thought. His dark hair whipped in the wind. Onward, we'd go to the BLACK HILLS. His Gramps lived out that way. After all, Blackie was born in Rapid City.

He claimed life was slower there.

"Ain't no way ...a SHARK would get us." He sighed, mostly talking to himself.

I didn't believe him. Not after all those hurricanes that whipped the East Coast and brought so much danger, wind and rain. Even to the heartland.

"Do we even know where we are?" At least it was sunny. I took a good look out of the window.

Of course, Blackie didn't answer me. Finally, he pulled over, in a wooded area.

"I need to pee." He shut off the engine and went to do his business.

Time was just so slow. Damn, he was gone an awful long time.

Finally, I got out to stretch my legs. It was a long ride from Omaha. Even my shoulders ached.

I did a little workout, wondering if he was doing a number two, too.

He wasn't anywhere in sight. so I walked back into the woods. Finally, I saw the back of him in the clearing.

Then, out of the corner of my eye...THERE IT WAS. In the sky. A SHARK.

I couldn't say a word. Where was E.T. when I needed him? Still, I couldn't even moan nor move.

"Huh?" Blackie finally looked over his shoulder.

I  pointed to the sky. Blackie looked up as he snapped pants.

"RUN!" He was coming toward me. In fact, Blackie grabbed me, as I watched a shark snap into an aimless Buffalo on the horizon.

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