Saturday, November 12, 2016

Set 12

how the story ends. Set 12

Set twelve: How does the story end? Does the main character survive or not? Explain in description. Your set should focus on how the story ends.

Finally! Matt to the rescue. But he's almost killed by the flying Ninja Star. Nao puts up a good fight with him. Determined to kill helpless Eli, with her karate and ninja moves while still in the cellar. Matt pushes Nao into a web of black widows that bite her face. Its  a creepy ending by nature, actually.

Bridget lets the cops know that something is bad happening at the farm, so they respond and take an injured Nao away in an ambulance.

Eli feels responsible, so he rides in the ambulance with her. Matt is baffled. Hurt that Eli hasn't listened to him, about how much he LOVES him.

"You're an idiot." Bridget tells him, as they follow in Matt's truck. She is driving. "You, hopeless romantic." Bridget purses a smirks and shakes her head, no. "You know, he likes me..don't you?"

Matt only gives her an eye that its best for both of them to give the idea that their boss' son wants to have a romance with him. He hugs himself hard as if he is seriously let down that Eli would go with the girl who tried to kill him.

Eli would hate for anything bad to happen to Nao. He stays with her, thinking they should investigate Jay's abduction again. But at the hospital, he finds out from Jay's and Nao's older brother that it would be useless. Meanwhile, a detective is listening in to Eli's conversation with Connor.

Police rush to Connor's apartment. Of course, they find nothing about Jay..except a letter from Dr. Jo-Hansen. All this time, Jay has been kept in a private asylum in upstate New York. Finally, the cops swoop in and find someone in a straight jacket in a very white room. Its Jay.

This leads to Connor's arrest.

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