Saturday, November 12, 2016

Set 11

A girl named Nao. Set 11

Set eleven: Why does the villian want to kill off the main character? Explain in description, base your set on the villian and their style.

Nao who was raised in Japan by a different mother than her brother's (Jay). She has felt neglected most of her life.  She isn't even sure if she likes Americans since her brother was abducted and never heard from, again. As she gets older, she befriends her older brother and wishes to move to New York City to finish her high school education. Her father is pleased by this too. Only, she has never forgotten about Jay and feels what happened to her brother is Eli's fault. She wants to find closure...and as she is about to graduate soon, she wants to kill Eli and put the past behind her. Hoping to no longer live in Jay's shadow.

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