Friday, May 26, 2017

Zac & Lila

Small-Town USA : Zac's quirks and habits

Zachariah James Foster
Age: 21
Personality: He looks like an angel but is quite devilish.
Bio: Was adopted by an American family when he was only 27 days old and has never learned his native Korean language, and hasn't felt a need to connect with his roots. He's a good boy. He's in choir and plays the guitar and drums at church. He could be his father's right hand man, only he doesn't really 'feel" it, anymore.

He works at the local grocery store. They are fond of him and let him have weekends off, because..hey, he's a preacher's son.

Song that describes them:

Quirks and Habits:

A good burger is his favorite breakfast, and he likes to eat around the outside first until he can finish it off in one bite. He is not a cat person. He's never had to take care of an animal since it was more important to take care of the church and the church's flock. He's gone hungry before to make sure the ones who need food get it. Possibly, he's a little resentful about that. He's gone to sleep actually standing up, before while waiting with his father at someone's house that his father was ministering. Zac loves to dance, only its a sin in his religion. He'd love to go to ever rock concert, but as of yet hasn't gone to one.

Zac would love to take karate and there is a school for kids (next to where he works). His gut feeling is that the teacher of that school is actually his father. Perhaps, he wishes this karate expert was his father. But of course, Zac hasn't taken a lesson yet.

Face Claim: L

When Zac met Lila


Zac didn't claim to be an authority on m'room, but he heard they were pretty sweet. Although, he did like to make his own cigarettes, it was hard to get all the ingredients he needed. After all, the first time he tried the substance, it was at the beach.

He didn't get to the water on that trip. Instead, he walked around stoned for awhile on the boardwalk and tried a bit of late night skateboarding. Luckily, he didn't get a head injury. Of course, he'd tried to be sparing with the baggie of leaves, and he took care to use it, ever great once in awhile.

But now he was out.

Sal from produce gave him a number to call. Next thing he knew he was waiting outside by the picnic tables (out back of the grocery store) for someone to make a drop-off.

Seriously, Zac was expecting a drive by of some kind. Instead, this girl on a rundown moped came zipping up to him. She wasn't wearing a helmet. Her hair was so dark and straight and she looked rather mean, to Zac. After all, she'd texted back asking for a selfie, so she would know who she was looking for.

Of course, fifteen minutes ago, he didn't think she would be a she. He didn't know what he was expecting.

Naturally, she wanted to make a swift exchange.

"What?" She was serious and even lipped, but almost in a pout. "You, need to smell it or something?" She flipped her dark hair over her shoulder.

He looked down at her thick thigh in the short cutoffs. Honestly, she could have been a biker chick, but the bike..well, that was pure crap.

He let a sly grin slip.

"What is your problem?" She winced.

He studied her more under the illuminating street light. His grin was open.

"Jesus, where the hell do I know you, from?" He winced a broad smile.

She sighed as if he was wasting her time.

"I know..I know you." He was certain of it. He wanted to know what year she graduated.

"God, will you just shut up and give me the cash." She was not happy with his conversation.

"OK, if I give you.. what you want... will you tell me who you work for?" Zac wanted to know.

"Who are you? A cop?" She sighed as if she better go before she ran out of gas. The engine sputtered.

" course, not." He have her the cash then and he got his baggie. Only... he got on the back of her moped before she could leave.

A guy named Zac


"Do you want to die!" It was the only thing I could come up with, looking into that little punk's face. Oh, I knew who he was. How could I not know, in this little town.

Naturally, he laughed in my face.

I stopped the moped (which isn't even mine, but Dara's. I was only trying to help her out since she's having morning sickness.), got off of it and was ready to slam some sense into the preacher's kid.

"You're just what I expected. Still, same old Lila." He shook his head as he sat there on the back of the piece of junk that didn't sound so well with the two of us on it. His smile was infectious, and I hated it.

Why did he know my name?

"What?" It was hard to say if that was a frown or a smile in that smirk of his. He studied my eyes as if he had a plan. I just needed to help him.

"I'm..I'm only doing this for a friend." I was just following directions. "I don't plan on making it a career. It's a one night thing."

"I see," His smile remained. "You, do a lot of one night things?" He chuckled softly.

I tilted me head and winced hard. "Are you on something, already?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" That smile, so open and rather inviting. What was he? With that impish smile of his.

"Look, I don't want to get you involved in any of this." Just what I needed, getting mixed up with a kid like him.

"I'm not a kid." He reminded me, as he kept staring at me under the street light.

The summer air wasn't quite humid yet. Just a hint of spring remained, and it made me want to get moving. I was already nervous enough, using someone else's transportation and doing their job.

"Go home." I ordered. My fist tighten I was ready to slug him, but he only smiled more.

"Come on, show me how it works." There was something just a little nasty about this boy.

"How what works?" I tensed.

"You know, is it like a pyramid scheme, or something." He shrugged.

I rolled my eyes.

"Just where do you go from here?" He made it sound I had miles to go, to some factory where gangsters were hanging out by the pier.

I sighed. "I just drop the money off.." I felt I'd already said too much. "Then..then I go home."


I nodded. "Yeah, where you need to be. Or..or you take that home?" I pointed to the baggie, he was still not so sure where to put it. Finally, he put it down his pant. "Is that really safe?" I winced.

"Then take me home with you." He said as if it was already settle and what was the hold up.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" I glared at him.

He hopped back on the moped, waiting for me as if we were a team of some kind.

"Shouldn't we be wearing helmets or something?" He asked.

"Oh, god.." What was I getting myself into? An all nighter with a preacher's son? I got back on the moped.

"Hold still," Zac said. He took my hair and started to braid it as if he might have made ropes in a past life. "It gets in my face."

"Well, if..if you'd..just leave." I told him.

"Yeah, I know, you don't want to get in trouble for beating up a preacher's kid." He tied the braid then, with a string from his pocket.

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