Saturday, May 27, 2017

Zac & Lila

Small-Town USA : Zac

Zac thought back... how awake he felt while being with Lila. Usually, he was a sleepy boy with bedroom eyes (or at least he'd been told this by someone at church.) Of course, he could barely hold his eyes open at the moment while working at the well lit grocery store (mid-morning). He was dog tired.

But when he was with Lila, he felt so alive. He couldn't help but smile about it now as he bagged groceries. He was on auto-pilot.

"What's up with you?" Mandy wasn't her timid self who hated to cashier, but he was too lazy to do it, today. Usually, she never questioned him because she was so shy.

"What?" He squinted a face, she went on with her work, hitting each key precise and diligently.

When would this day end, he thought to himself with a big sigh. He had to find that girl Lila, again, he had too.

He frowned then, wondering what was up with Lila and the college guy, Gil. Evidently, he was a TA at the college.

"You know, anybody by the name of Gil?" He asked Mandy after the old lady pushed her cart of two grocery bags out. It wasn't enough to take them to the car for her. He only did that sort of thing, if he really had too.

"What?" It was like she was mimicking him. He knew there was a reason he'd never hit it off with the nerd girl. She was definitely not his type. Never would be.

Of course, he wondered if Gil was Lila's type. Their conversation was short. She mentioned Zac by name, but they didn't stay long enough for Zac to ask about his idea to sell his own cigarettes. After all, they did look like the store bought kind, not those homemade fat things. Of course, he knew the real deal was to get your own bong, but he had to blend in.

As it was, no one knew when he was high or not.

Still, Zac thought of Gil's gaze, when he looked at Lila. Yeah, Zac knew they must have gotten together. There was a history between them, he intended to find out about.

Of course, he did get Lila to try one his cigarettes back at her place. They'd hung out and watched old episodes of Larry King and shared a big red bucket of vanilla ice cream. Maybe that's why he felt so bloated now.

His lips curved up, ever so slightly. Yeap, Lila was warming up to him. He bet they could meet up soon.

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